hiya everyone advice needed:)

Hi everyone,

Luca had a terrible night last night, hes got a cold and its really affecting his throat and nose he's all blocked up.

Hes so stuffy he was in and out of sleep every few minutes until four this morning

I asked health visitor yesterday and tried both her suggestions boiling water with karvol in his room to help him breathe easy and raising his head but it didn't seem to help much.

Any advice is appreciated greatlyimage


  • My sil bought a karvol plug in atomiser and she swears by it, i just put the capsules on an old bib and hang it over the cot railing where he cant get to it tho. i have seen a nasal aspirator (sp?) in tesco, dunno how it works exactly but could be worth a try! to be honest when cameron was bad the other week he just cam in bed with me so i could roll him on his side if his breathin seemed difficult! that way he slept a little better...i didnt but at least he did.

    hope he's better soon x
  • Snuffle babe is great, you can get it from the chemist and its for babies 3 months +. It worked a treat when Gabe had a cold, I rubbed it all over his chest and throat & also a bit on his sleeping bag x
  • when Lennon had this i got a bottle of scotch pine and a bottle of almond oil,you get them from holland and barrets,you add 1 drop of scotch pine to a teas spoon of almond oil to their bath,close all doors etc to let the steam build up and put baby in their for as long as you can,i also put a pillow to keep his head up and a plug in karvol,its worked everytime
  • Tommy has got a cold at the moment and saline drops are a godsend mate!
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