Lumps in food

Cameron is almost 23 weeks now and he loves his food, hes been weaning since 16 weeks. i was thinking of starting him on slightly lumpy food soon. especially after reading a post on finger foods. but wasnt sure when to start him. im scared to death of giving him lumps and him choking!
when did all your lo's take to lumps? or finger foods?
advice would be great


  • oh thats good, i wasnt sure if it should be more like 7 months cos i know that the jars with lumps are 7 months plus arent they. iv made his food for today but i think tomorrow we might get lumpybumpy!
  • yes well i like it! haha! i know, i dont live by the guidlines as they change so often but im just scared of choking him. i will try him i think with very small lumps tomorrow. i suppose if you're only supposed to wean at 6 months as per the guidlines thats why they recommend lumps at 7 months, cam has been weaning since 4 months so 5.5 months may be about right!
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