Feeding baby defrosted food

Hi all, I know I don't have much time to come on here anymore but I also know how helpful and knowledgeable you all are and I need a quick question answering!

If I freeze fruit puree that's not cooked - like raspberries that I've mashed up for example - when I defrost it in the fridge do I still have to heat it through to piping hot before I give it to ds? I've been wondering as I always heat it up, but if I've frozen it raw (like banana) then it seems so gross when it's heated up!!! I just hate wasting fruit so I tend to freeze it if I know we aren't going to eat it up in time.

Thanks girls!

Em & Jak (8.5 months)x x x


  • I wouldn't heat it up, I would just let it defrost naturally overnight in the fridge and serve it up straight from there. No idea if that's right or wrong but what I do xx
  • Excellent, thank you hun, I shall do so from now on!image
  • I agree, I think it's only with veg purees, or pureed meals that you would prefer heated. xx
  • Yep, defrost overnight in fridge - but not left out on bench as bacteria can form as it defrosts. Saw that on the tv not long ago!
  • so nice to see you on here Em B. How are things?

    Ive been wondering about defrosting too. usually I mic food directly from the freezer, should i be defrosting first/?

    Em x
  • As long as its piping hot Ems101 and allowed to cool to desered temp for LO it will be fine to heat from frozen. Veg and meat dishes.
    Fruit that hasnt been cooked will fine just defrosted in fridge and eaten.
  • I'm fine thanks, Em! I just get swallowed up by this site, I can lose hours and hours on here and haven't got hours and hours to lose! :lol: x x x
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