Boys and Toys!

NO not annoying OHs and their gadgets but baby boys and their toys!

Is it just my son or does anyone elses insist upon tipping anything with wheels on upside down and playing with the wheels?

No matter what it is; walker, shopping trolley, ride ons, megablox trailer, toy cars, he has to tip it up and play with the wheels, maybe I could save myself some money and just buy old spare wheels off other kids broken toys! hehe

Ps i'm dreading giving him his cozy coupe! :lol:


  • Tommy does this with EVERYTHING!

    We have even had him at the park before now and he was trying to give Paul the slip and tried his best to turn someone elses buggy over!
  • Mine (13 months) does this too - he does have a cozy coupe and hasn't tried to overturn it yet, but he does keep bending down to turn the wheels round! My bigger concern is that he's just figured out how to get into it, but he's had to go one step further by climbing in through the 'window' - the side where the door doesn't open!
  • Gabe does this sometimes but not all that often, he does love driving his cars on the floor and going 'Brrrrmm' (with lots of dribble lol)
  • No Gabe, Logan says your wrong, dogs go bbbbbrrrrrmmmmm and dribble and cars go 'oooh,oooh,oooh,oooh' hehe x
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