Gabe's been crying for half an hour now. He's SO over tired its untrue...only had 1/2 hours sleep all day.

He's showing no signs of stopping BUT i know if I go in to him, he will cry even harder when I leave and be impossible to settle!! He is 16 months so it's not like I can rock him to sleep - he just wouldn't let me...He usually falls asleep fine all by himself since he was born...

What do I do? Just let him cry & cry till he stops?? I can't see any other answer but it sounds like he will never stop and im tearing my hair out listening to it....just want to turn off the monitor and scream!!!!!!!!


  • I think i'd just go and sit next to him, maybe stroke his hair or something just to try and calm him xx
  • I'm hoping this is too late to help as he's fast asleep by now but this is what I do with Barney.
    I go in every 10 mins, pick him up, calm him down and then put him back in his cot. He invariably starts screaming again but I turn the lullabys on on his monitor and leave him.
    Big hugs, listening to them cry sucks, Millie screamed herself to sleep tonight :roll: (also over tired) so you have my sympathy hun.
  • The problem is if I go in, calm him down and then go out again (I used to do this when he was little and it worked), he just cries even harder when I keep coming & going and it makes him worse...

    Hes asleep now - I had to lie down with him till he went though - so he's in my bed which = restless night for me lol as I daren't risk moving him now. Not that I mind as he's so lovely & snuggly, I just wish he wouldnt take up the whole bed lol

    Thanks everyone xx think I'm soft but I've never left him cry that long before, it was really upsetting.
  • Hope he's settled by now, but if not can you pop him in his buggy and take him for a walk? Sometimes we end up doing that with cole if nothing else works. That or bringing his buggy up to his room and rocking him
  • big hugs hun. Its horrid isnt it? xx
  • you have my sympathy hon ellie is a nightmare with sleeps usually because she is over tired but glad he finally went over xx
  • Most possibly too late now but does your monitor have a talk-back function on it? We used to use that for Charlotte and shush her thru that as she would get more upset if we went in like Gabe does. It would work unless she was mega upset.

    We no longer use the monitor now though!
  • Do you let him lie next to you so he can feel your skin?

    I just let J whinge unless shes proper crying. I go into her room and lie on the floor with my eyes shut! Eventually she will fall to her mattress and lie her head down and soon silent. I open my eyes a few mm so i can see what shes doing.

    We only ever ahve J in bed with us if she wakes at 5 in the morning. To early for me to attempt to get her back to sleep! Shes wriggles too much and I lies in bed every angle but the right way!

    Hope you have a good nights sleep x
  • Erin was like this yesterday, she was so over tired cos we went to a little party and my mil gave her so much cake and chocolate after i had said no :roll: she was so hyped (sp?) up on sugar and so tired i could get her to settle in the end i was so fed up with her crying i just layed down with her on our bed every time she went to get off the bed i out her back on the bed evetually she went to sleep and i transferred her into her cot once she was soundo not a habit i want to get into but i never seen her so irritated before i think she was getting annoyed with herself for not going to sleep.

    hope Gabe has settled now xxx
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