bit of fun..Ross, Joey, or Chandler?

Hiya Girlies

Feeling a bit bored so thought i'd post this. lol

Which one would you prefer to be with?

Joey to me looks like he could be fun for the night but not marriage material for me.
Chandler looks like the funny one so i'd like him has a close friend
Ross just seems so into his women and looks like he'd do anything for you so he'd be my hubby material. lol

Which man do you prefer out of friends?

Lisa xxx


  • Ross all the way. I'm a bit of a geek so we'd be perfect together! haha! xx
  • lol tigerlily, i just feel so sorry for him too. He gets so much crap off the women bless him. I'd love to cheer him up. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Joey, Joey and ummm Joey!!! He reminds me sooo much of my oh, it's a standing joke that they modelled the character on him :lol:
  • Joey! With Ross's intelligance and Chandlers sense of humour!

  • image You could keep Joey!! I'd have no problems choosing to keep Jensen over Joey :lol:

  • lol good idea! lets just get them all mixed into one. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • hummmmmmmm, i like chandler as he's funny and also has a soft sweet side. ross is a bit geeky for me and joey is too much of a player, so Chandler it is! xxx

  • i have to admit i do have a soft spot for chandler because he is so sweet with Monica but i just feel so sorry for what Rachel puts Ross through and just want to pick him up and cuddle him. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Hi
    Chandler all the way. My oh has the most annoying habit of thinking he's very, very funny and thinking up 'gags' (thinks he's a mix between Peter Kay and Cahndler!) so I guess thats why! x
  • Def Chandler! He's funny and sweet which is attractive. Joey looks good but way too stupid, and Ross is (to use an expression favoured by my dad) a wet girls blouse! He makes me cringe he's so clingy and whiny lol xx
  • ah i'm watching friends and imagining the lot of em! One big massive........cuddle image hehe. I'd totally have the first one who walked through my door. Joey is the only one who isn't my type but is still really hot! Canya tell oh isn't around? image xxx
  • Can i be awkward and choose Phoebe's husband Mike? If not definitely Chandler. Joey is too stupid and I would never be able to trust him to have got things done. Ross is an idiot, he spends too much time worrying about what other people think without actually doing anything about it. Plus you marry Ross you get Monica as a SIL.
  • Chandler cos we have similar sense of humour!

    Now if I was to say which of the girls I was most like I'd say Monica so I think my choice is right.
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