Illness and breastfeeding

For the second time this fortnight I am battling a revolting stomach bug which is going round. Sickness, diarrhea, you name it - yuck. Luckily so far my LO (5.5 months) hasn't caught it but I am worried about the effect on my milk supply as I am exclusively bfing him. I really can't bring myself to eat much, and trying to keep up the fluids, but it's hard when you're so sick! Anyone had this and can reassure me that a couple of days of not eating properly won't affect my milk long term? I would be so upset if I had to stop.

Thanks x


  • I don't know if it will, but I had a horrid cold (I felt like I'd got the flu, but I'm sure I was over dramatising!) and I hardly ate anything for three days, just had to keep drinking water and sleeping all the time. Lo seemed fine, although he did eventually catch the cold about a month after I'd had it. I think he got it from when we visited some relatives and they had it. I don't think your supply will suffer if you keep going. I know I thought I'd have to give up when I got mastitis too, as no milk seemed to be coming out, but lo obviously got enough or we'd have had a very noisy household!

    I hope you feel better soon, sorry I can't help much, Jak's younger than your lo so you've been feeding longer than me - I'm never sure I actually qualify to give any bfing advice!!!

    Em x x x
  • I have had this bug twice and am also exclusively bf my lo who is 9weeks old. He did however get it. But I found that as long as I was drinking something my supply stayed for him. I have been clear of it for a week and it seems to not have had any lasting damage. Hope you feel better soon

    I don't recall illness having that much affect last time with ds1 as long as I was drinking fluids.
  • so long as you keep up fluids love u should be fine.
    As for your lo catching it,well if they do it will be a milder version of what u have due to the fact that even before you knew you were ill u have started to pass antibodies into he/she and whilst ill you will continue so lo will have somewhat of a blueprint against the illness, bf is amazing and so long as you continue on demand your supply will not suffer.
    drink plenty and when u can eat mild foods like apples,bananas,boiled rice porridge and toast all very gentle on the tum and great for your milk x
  • Thanks for your replies. I am still feeling dreadful but so far my LO is still fine and seems to have enough milk. My husband has been a superstar but today he has caught the bug too - aaagh - so not sure how we will manage looking after LO but we will somehow! Thanks again for your replies xx
  • coco so sorry to hear you're ill again!! poor you. hope you're ok. thinking of you xxx
  • oh coco sending you huge hugs better!! Cant believe you are still feeling poorly!! JJ seems much better today, sounds like a similar thing, if you need anything let me know xxx
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