I feel a little lost

Just having a bit of a down day really, i never got the baby blues so think maybe they have caught up with me today. Anyway i love my Evie more than anything and i wouldnt be without her but i feel like i have lost myself so to speak, me and oh are having a few problems so i think that might be part of the problem. I have no problem with Evie or my relationship with her infact i think i'm well suited to being a mummy (god that makes me sound like i have a big head i dont honestly) its silly things really like i don't know what to wear or what looks good on my new shape. My husband seems to only see me as a mummy now hench some of our problems i seem to be having a bit of a downer on myself and apperance. Its my birthday on the 15th march and i would really love a fab outfit or something but i just dont know sorry just needed a bit of a moan really i feel a bit better now xxxx


  • i have truoble with this too. its hard finding things to suit my new blobby shape, and ivehad it for 4 years!! the problem is that in my head i still loook like i did before i had kids but when i look in the mirror i am always dissapointed.x
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