UPDATE-He has a bad chesty cough, can I give him anything?

Hi, Archie has had the beginnings of a cold for ages now and I thought it wasn't going to fully develop.
I've been using nasal drops and snuffle babe for his stuffy nose but he has now (just lats night and today) developed this awful chesty cough. It's like he's been smoking 40fags, lol. Anyway he coughing so much he's being sick and just seems in pain when he coughs.
I asked in the chemist and they said he could have a cough syrup for a dry cough. But that's no use really. He's only 5 months so is there anything you've tried or are all medicinal cough mixtures only for 2yrs and up ? thanks. S x
Oh my god, we've been up all night and the poor soul has been coughing his lungs up. He's wheezing with every breath , shame.
He has projectile vomited everything we try to give him to eat. The problem is he really wants to eat but I think the milk makes the mucus worse. his nose is realy blocked too so he's struggling with his bottle.
I've given him some calpol and he has finally gone for a nap. Hopefully he'll sleep longer then the 40mins his body clock is programmed to for napping.
Might rty some Tixylix and see if it makes a difference. Thanks. S x

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  • I got some baby tixylix for Frankie cos she has a cough. Its for 3 months plus and is just glycerol. I got it from tesco. The one i got is a dry cough one but i think it would probably help to soothe his cough it just wouldnt bring any cattarh up.
  • Tixylix worked for our lo too x
  • hi, sorry to hear archie is poorly, lolah had this a few weeks ago and couldnt keep any of her milk down, so i made it up with half the amount of scoops of millk (she has 7oz bottles so would put 7oz of water and 4scoops of milk) it really helped her keep it down then when she was improving i would add more milk each day until she was back to normal having 7oz water and 7 scoops. hope that makes sense, and hope archie is feeling better soon. xxx
  • Bless, poor little thing.

    I would take him to the doctors to see if they can give you anything. When Louise had a bit of a cough with a cold I was given nose drops with added decongestant and baby ibroprfin to help it.

    It's worth getting him checked over to check if he has got an infection that he needs something stronger for.

    Hope he's feeling better soon

  • you can get nose drops from asda can be used from new born, i had to get thomas them for his blocked nose, i go told of HV not use to cough medices but to mix lemon and honey with 3 oz of warm water and give LO this and i have been for 2 days and the cough and cold is so much better, you can get already mixed lemon and honey from chemist x
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