High temps & nightime

My poor lil man has not been well all day :cry: His temperature has been 40c so we have been giving him calpol and he's just been in a nappy all day. Once it kicks in he perks up, his temp lowers and he even manages to feed but as soon as it starts to wear off, he goes very lethargic and burns up again!!
He's now just had his third dose of calpol and his last dose for the day will be due at about 9.30pm.
Trouble is once the last ones worn off by 1.30am what do we do then? What if he starts burning up again? He can't have the next lot till 8am as it says no more than 4 doses in 24hrs :\?

Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? Any suggestions from anyone......am getting a bit worried about it now image


  • Thanks Ivana, does that mean if i gave him nurofen when he's next due (9.30pm) we could give it again at 1.30am?

    If yes I'll be sending oh to the 24hr Asda now lol
  • Just been looking everywhere for nurofen but nowheres open that sells it......grrr, bloody bank holidays!

    Called nhs direct and they told us that 40c is pretty high for a baby his age (81/2 months) so if it goes back to that tonight to call them back as he may need a doctor.

    He's already been up again crying since he went to bed at 8pm and I've just cuddled him back to sleep..........got a feeling were in for a long night!
  • Thanks hun. He's actually much better today, still a bit off his food mind but his temp stayed down and apart from a restless start to last night, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting...yay!

    How's Sam sleeping now? Is the little rascal still keeping you up or are you managing to get a decent nights sleep nowerdays?
  • Yay, good on Sam! Glad to hear he's letting mummy & daddy get some well earned sleep ;\)

    Kade's 81/2 months now but still isn't on the move yet. I keep willing him to crawl but everyone keeps telling me I'll be wishing he wasn't as soon as he is.
    I'll be needing to childproof everything soon though I guess as I just know he's going to be EVERYTHING Lol. Oh Joy!
  • Oh god, maybe it would be just as well to empty the room and put everything in storage!
    Seriously, this sounds like quite a viable prospect.....not sure oh would agree when he's games console and tv disapear though :lol:
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