What nicknames do you call your baby?

What nicknames do you have for your lo?

Joseph is Pudding, Pud Pud, Monklet or Whingeypops depending on what he is doing!! Lol



  • Connor is poobag usually!lol plus the normal baby oh and sausage
  • i call jayden spud, monkey man x
  • I call Neve Pops or Loppy, no idea why!
  • I call Lochlan my little Grumpy man lol

  • I call my little boy lochlan my grumpy little man lol

  • Hi i have lots but i mainly call Ryan smiley pie, cos he smiles loads. image
  • I call Alf bubs, shoogs, monkey chops, sweetie cheeks,Tigger as he's addicted to bouncing. I could go on but I may embarrass (sp!) me self! x
  • When justin was a baby it was bubbles, for 2 years he was called boy as this was what his little sister called him and in the end we all picked it up.

    Maya since birth has been called poppy and still is now, she wont answer to maya, and if you ask her what her name is she will say poppy erika buckley instead on maya erika buckley

    and charlie is called jellybean, or charlie boy
  • Charlie is Charlie Bean, sweet pea or mummy's munchkin. Don't think he'll be impressed with these as he gets older ,lol.xx
  • Not quite sure how /where my oh got it from, but Jemima is called more often than not wibletm or wibble. We have started to call her Jemima again, so she will eventually know what her proper name is and answer to it! xx
  • Tegan is teggle peggle, pumpkin (halloween baby lol) and princess pea or after meal times its grotbug, but i mean it in a loving way xx
  • he he... good post!!

    I call Eoin puppy, poo poo, monkey chops, picalili and scamp!!!! odd lot we are!! xxxx
  • Evie's my little pudding pop lol xxx
  • I used to call Oscar 'Pickle' all the time but he started answering to it lol so i stopped and he's just started awswering to his own name again thankfully! Mainly i call him sweetpea or munchkin, or i just make stuff up off the top of my head if it makes him laugh! x
  • if i'm talking ABOUT evie to OH then she is bops, or evie bops.

    when i'm talking TO her, she's tinker or tink-pot, baba, stinker... the list is pretty long actually!
  • Zacky is usually called Boo Boo. Or Chunka Bum. Or if he is playing up CHILD!!!
  • oh no!

    i may be referred to social services!

    Isobel is:

    issywhizzy lets get busy (i know, i'm sorry)
    mrs Stinky Knickers
    Miss Farty Pants (the latter two for when she has pooed!)

    the boys have seem to have grown out of their nicknames........probably just as well!
  • Lol, these are great, what must we sound like! xx
  • I call Archie - Parchment (grew from Parchie), chicken or my tiny monkey
  • I call Riley my little sausage monkey, The Riley, Rilington, Splodgekin, cheeky cheese monster, and smiley Riley. Hubby calls him little splodge, and splodgey. xxx
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