Steriliser Broke!!

I have the Tomee Tippee Electric Steam steriliser and iv noticed the past few days the water was still in the bottom after sterilising. anyhoo, last night as soon as it'd finished working through the digital stages and it said 3 on it (which usually indicates finished) i opened it and the bottles where stone cold! so it hasnt been sterilising my bottles for a few days!! whoops!!

anyway i need to get a new one obv cos oh cant figure out whats up with which one should i get. only need it for another 6months so dont wanna spend a fortune. are cold water sterilisers any good? or microwave? dont wanna buy another steam cos theyre dearer!


  • I use the tommee tippee microwave one, is done in 6 minutes plus cooling time and I find its really good. But my lo is breaatfed with only occasional botttles so dont use it very often tbh!
  • i have the tommee tippee microwave one! it is really good it has lasted a long time as i had it when my daugter was a baby 2 and a half years ago and it is still going!!
  • Hi hun image I have a philips avent 24/7 one, stopped using it now as Sophie is almost 1. If you dont wanna spend to much I will happily send you mine, just for postage costs. We dont need it anymore but its still working perfectly fine x
  • I have the tomee tippee microwave/cold water steriliser and it's good. I use the microwave one at the mo and it takes 8 mins but our microwave is crap. The cold water method is good too, takes 15 minutes. xx
  • The first steralizer we had was the TT steam one. We had a little accident while cleaning it and so swapped it for the microwave TT one instead but we use it as a cold water system as we find this easier and quicker.

    I also agree that u should try to return the broken 1 first. Only prob with having to get another though, is that u will be over run with new bottles and new born teats that u probably wont use.
  • i use the avent microwave one
  • Hi Lis

    i too would try taking back - even without the reciept- or email Tommee Tippee outraged that it is a duff one!! tell them you will happily send it back to them for a replacement / refund - they should have an idea of when manufactured due to the serial number, and the condition it is in!

    however, is C 6 months old yet? as he is weaning, maybe you could get away without sterilising? my friends HV told her their was no need after 6 months, but tbh, i still did it.

    my steriliser broke when Issy was 9months old, and as it was 7yrs old, had done 3 kids, i called it a day, and didnt sterilise after that! (was Avent one)
  • Just a thought after reading ollier2001s reply- go to the tommee tippee website and there is a contact them section. I emailed then because I lost 1 of the rubber bits that goes on my breastpump and broke the other, they sent me 4 more replacement ones free of charge, I was really impressed as it was a very quick response.
  • I have the tommee tippee microwave steriliser which can be used as cold water steriliser as well. Had it for 14 months now and its still going strong. Id definatly email and ask for an exchange or your money back. You should definatly be entitled to that.

  • thanks for replies girls. my friends offered me hers cos her lo's 1 tomorrow so im gonna use that. im still gonna email tomee tippee though and see if i can get a new one. i put it on before to see if it was still broke and it worked...then i filled it with cams bottles and it wouldnt bloody work! grr!!
    so im using the lindam travel sterilising bags till i can get my friends on saturday.

    Nicki, i have heard that before but am keen to keep sterilising his bottles till he turns 1. dont do his food bowls though but milk is bad for bacteria isnt it.
  • Exactely the same thing happened to mine about a month ago so I went and got the TT Microwave/Cold steriliser one which I wish I had got in the 1st place now.

    Funny that we would have bought these at roughly the same time so could well be a bad batch hon!

  • cant say i blame you actually! my friends lo is 6 weeks older than my first (the one who's HV said no need after 6 months), and i sterilised for a yr with both 1st & 2nd. tbh, if mine hadnt broke, then i would have done Issy's as well til she was one!!
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