Tomorrow-not baby related!

Hello all,
I just had to post this-as I need to just get my feelings out-and hopefully stop being a grumpy wife :lol:

It's just I really scared. Basically tomorrow I have to be at my local hospital and be admitted to day surgery for injections in my spine. I have had them done over 2 years ago and they are really not nice. Also I know they will look at my MRI I had done in Nov 08 and decide if they should infact do more work. I already have an implant in my spine but my legs and feet are now getting problems when my back is bad so I'm scared. :cry:

Any way thank you for reading-sorry for the waffle!

Lydia xx


  • That sounds horrible, I don't blame you for being scared- I'd be terrified! Hope it is all over and done with as quickly as possible- let us know how it goes!
  • God hun that sounds awful! I think your really brave to have had this done before and I think it's perfectly understandable to feel scared. Hope it comes and goes
  • Oh hun! Tr y and stay positive no point stressing about things you don't know yet, it may be good news. The way to think about it is this time tomorrow it'll all be over and you can be all snug back at home on your sofa with a big glass of wine and some choccies!!! xx
  • Thank you all!
    Just getting ready for the off!! I'll be back later-hopefully without too much work done! lol!
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