Active bump times = active baby time??

Hi All,

Just popping over from pregnancy to ask if you all noticed a pattern after baby was born to when they used to be active as bumps?

I am currently 26wks pregnant and have a very active bump from abot 10pm for an hour and also from 5am- am getting woken up every morning with BIG kicks- if I am laying against hubby he also gets woken!!

I might just be thinking too much but wondered if this might be baby's awake time when s/he arrives?


  • I defintly noticed a correlation! Throughout my pregnancy i very rarely felt my lo kick or move in the mornings, and when he was born for the first couple of weeks he would just sleep all morning until about midday. His most active time was in the evenings, and again this was his most busy time when he was born too x
  • Thanks ladies!

    I suppose I will just have to let you know in April when bubs arrives!

  • for the first few days all of mine where the same out of the bump as they were in the bump.

    with charlie when i was pregnant he slept all night and was awake all day from around 8am - 10pm. but now he is asleep at night from 6.30pm - 6.30am has a small feed and sleeps till 7.45am his is only awake from 8am - 10am 12-1pm and 4pm - 6.30pm so as you can see all he really dose is sleep and his older sister was the same.
  • I had a v active baby when on "the inside" & Dylan does not stop all day! I really had illusions that he was having a good wriggle around but would be a lovely peaceful baby when born...WRONG!!!!!!

    Good luck with the remainder of your pregancy .
    Sarah xxx
  • Think I might have a little party animal in here! Surely baby cant like late nights AND early mornings?!!
  • Yep I noticed it too.

    Everyone said bumps tend to be more active at night but that wasnt true for us and Gabe was an incredible sleeper at night right from day 1...not as much anymore but hey ho!

    Also Gabe hardly ever moved on the 'inside', he would have an active period around tea time or something like that but the rest of the time he was asleep. Thats still his active time and he's 8 months now. xx
  • Not for me. Frankie was always awake most of the night and quiet in day but since birth she has been a very good sleeper. From the day we brought her home she has only woken for one feed a night. Thank god it wasnt true for me!
  • No need to brag SB image

    Only joking, glad the little man is being good for you.
  • When Zacky was a bump he was my allarm clock . Bless him. Would tell me when I needed to go to bed with a kick at 9.30-10pm. Then tell me to get up in the same way at 8am.LOL.

    When he was born he was the complete opposite LOL. Have to use a proper alarm clock now LOL. He is active but loves his lie ins like mommy.
  • I definitely found this to be the case! Kady was a very active baby on the inside, so much so I had to go to hospital for a monitor (can't remember what they call it now?) to see if he was ok!!
    Anyway at night I barely felt him move, he never woke me.

    Now he's here, he's NEVER still in the day, always on the go and he's slept through the night since about 8 weeks old!
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