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O/T House buying advice needed

Hi ladies,

Since having our lo we've been thinking of moving house from our 2 bed semi as we could really do with some extra space especially as were planning on Ttc next year. Our house goes on the market next week but today we viewed a property-we've already seen 10 and non of them were right, this one was perfect-it ticked all our boxes. I just know someones going to snap it up before ours is sold. Is there anything we can do? We're new to all this, I'm guessing we can't put an offer in until ours is sold? Xx


  • I don't think there's anything to stop you putting an offer in but I guess they would take your circumstances into account when deciding whether to accept. Also, there is also the chance they might then accept a later offer from someone else in a more favourable position (a first time buyer say). Good luck though - we are in the process of moving too and maaaaaan it's a pain in the a@se! x
  • Agents will not normally let you put in an offer until yours is sold. Mainly because unless you can afford to pay for 2 houses you can't proceed with a purchase.
    When we were buying the last 2 times, agents wouldn't even let us book viewings until they confirmed our house was on the market.
    I would advise you don't look until you've had some interest in your house - that way you're less likely to be upset!
  • You can put an offer in anytime on a property thats for sale, however the vendors will look more favourably on your offer if your house is atleast on the market (that way you look like you mean business!) You don't have to wait until your is sold as usually when you're in a chain they all complete on the same day/week so that nobody is homeless.

    If your offer is a good one close to the asking and your finances are all in good order you can make a condition of your offer that the property is taken off the market as soon as it is accepted.

    Exciting and stressful times!!

    Good luck xxx
  • Thanks for the replies.

    It was great fun viewing the houses but after today we've said no more as we came away feeling thouroughly depressed that we've found our dream home but can't buy it .

    I guess we've just got to be patient. We've been going over our finances, trying to figure out if we could rent ours out but it get too complicated. I really wish we'd not viewed any before our was sold-nevermind, you live and learn! Xx
  • Mybutler-sorry, hadn't read your reply when I posted. We would happily pay the asking price (compared to others we've seen it's a great price). That's really exciting-so once ours is up for sale we can put an offer in but ask that they take it off the Market until ours sells-hmmmm, very interesting!!xx
  • G/c here but OH has worked in property for a lot of years and whilst you can most definitely put an offer in at any time, the vendors would be very unlikely to withdraw theirs from the market just to 'wait' for you. I don't mean that in an unkind way at all, it just wouldn't be in their (vendors or e. agents) best interests to do it. Once you sell yours, it becomes a whole different ball game and you can 'call the shots' more. Fingers crossed yours sells quickly and you get the house you want.
  • Don't want to disagree colabottle as i don't work in property, i'm just speaking from personal dabbling experience, but when we bought our house the vendors agreed to this and we've bought two apartments since and the same thing has happened too - so while i agree it may be unusual it does/can happen - it can't hurt to ask!
  • Thanks colabottle-I've just got off the phone to my dad and he also said it's unlikely they'd take it off the market for us. Were just going to forget that house, assume we won't get it, wait until ours is sold and then start looking again-as you said, we'll be in a much better position then and we can take our time as my we can stay at my patents until we find the right one xx
  • Ooh, how exciting! If it makes you feel any better about the one that got away, at least you know that the sort of thing you are looking for is out there. We are looking to move as well and there is literally *nothing* to rent that would suit in our area. Everything is either far too small or enormous and double our monthly budget. We did see one place last week that was almost right but the neighbourhood was pretty ropey and there was no storage whatever. Grr! My only consolation is that at this rate my husband might be forced into agreeing to buying as there are at least many more properties for sale, although this area is very overpriced.

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack! Just needed a rant.

    Best of luck with the selling/hunting. I hope things start moving for you soon. x
  • It can't hurt to put an offer in, you never know you may get a quick sale on your house when it goes on the market. Either party can pull out up to handing over so as long as you don't get too excited and are realistic that it may not finalise then whats the harm in putting in your offer.
  • I'd put an offer in too p.bob only because when me and hubby were looking for this house we were put off putting an offer in on houses that had none active chains, which is what yours will be the people who look to buy your house cant move till you have found somewhere. So you may as well once yours is on the market start the chain moving, that way once someone puts an offer in on yours your good to move into your dream home image

  • Id put an offer in if I was you Hun, what's the worst that can happen? You don't sell quick enough or they prefer a buyer in a better position and you lose out then? We were first time buyers and had our offer accepted on a house last July, by January they still hadn't found anywhere they liked and the Market had changed so they decided to ask for more
    money despite still bit having found anything,
    we pulled out and luckily found a much better house that we moved into the day lo was born. What I'm trying to say is I don't think you've got anything to lose and if you've already found something it might just make your house more appealing to prospective buyers xx
  • Thanks for all the replies. We spoke to the estate agent today and explained that we loved the house and will be putting an offer in for the full asking price once our is on the Market (which should be next week). They said they'd keep us updated every couple of weeks so we just have to keep everything tightly crossed!

    The house we want has been on for 6 weeks, it's had 3 viewings and no offers (except ours), i understand now why moving house is so stressful !xx
  • Fingers crossed it all falls into place for you hun x
  • Fingers crossed it all falls into place for you hun x
  • The real estate agent is the right choice if I want to buy, sell, or rent an apartment? What is the commission they make?
  • Recently, I book an apartment from here because of the lack of money I decided to take an apartment in rent instead of buying. Anyone here has any experience with them.
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