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Hi my mum told me about parent and baby cinema screanings? has anyone heard/go to these?? Would love to know if any of the big cinemas do this or if its independents?

Thanks x


  • You are allowed to take your baby into ANY screening unless otherwise stated like some cinemas do special screening where only over 18's are allowed in so there isn't much noise etc. I know Odeon do baby screenings, but generally you can take your baby to anyone, we do and she's never been any trouble, she just falls asleep. If she did continually cry/make noise, then we'd just leave the cinema, but it has never happened. xox
  • Hi,
    Odeon do newbie's special screenings!! I've recently been and loved it-lots of mum's there so it didn't matter that baby grumbled and lighting was up a little more than usual and showing was a little quieter.
  • I have heard of newbies but our nearest odeon is an hour bus ride. I would love to go though. They do them once a week at certain cinemas and like tink said its easier cos everyone has a baby so no tutting!!!
  • They used to do this at a cinema near me but stopped for no reason, me and a few others were looking forward to going and now we cant. There isnt an odeon anywhere near me damn xxx
  • my local cinema do one on a thursday morning its not an odeon but a big 10 screener. they dont have it so dark or loud but turn the heating up a notch its lovely. plus they give you a sheet with options for the next weeks screening that you vote on and drop in a box on way out. Cleethorpes by the way x
  • I go in Edinburgh every week. It's fab, although there are only so many romantic comedies you cna watch. Saw Confessions of a Shopaholic yest.
    But it's good fun and if baby cries then so what, loads of babies there are crying. I go with a friend but also go alone and I've met lots of mums there and we usually chat before and go for a coffee after the film.
    Would totally reccommend it. S x
  • Thanks for all the replies also emailed odeon to find out more about newbies. They have sent me the link as I couldn't find anything about it on there website. Here is the link for anyone else thats interested. Just click your local cinema and it will show you which newbie film there screening.

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