Teeny tiny baby...

Today at my baby group a new girl came & bought her 11 week old dd. She is titchy - just under 9lbs!

Gabe was 9lb 1 at birth - went down to 8lb 15 - and I can't believe he was ever that tiny. She asked me if I wanted to hold her so I did, and omg I barely felt like I was holding anything!! And cos she is a bit older she was smiling and holding her head a bit, so it was really weird to think that she wasnt a newborn, cos she was so small. Bless her.

Just wanted to say anyone with a newborn, they do grow VERY VERY fast...so make the most of all the sleepless nights! x


  • my sisters baby was 8 weeks past on Monday and was 7lb 1 oz at birth and is now 14lb 6ozs!!! he is a very very greedy baby and he is the size of a 4-5 month old. She is broody now already as he has gotten big so fast so i totally agree to enjoy them while they are small cause they dont stay that way for long. x
  • Aww bless, Barney was 9lb 7oz so he wasn't ever that small lol. When I look at pictures of Millie when she was tiny (she was only 7lb 1oz) she just looks to tiny compared to Barney. They do grow so quickly though.
  • my first was 8lb 13 n everyone said he was huge! then my second was 10lb 11oz huge aparently but she just felt perfect n tiny to me. wasnt until luca was born 8lb 4oz that i realised just how big she had been! i cant believe how uickly time passes ;(
  • My cousin has three children her smallest was 9lb something, Her biggest was spot on 12lb, all natural births. Freya was 6lb 10onz. She spent her first 3weeks in tiny baby grows and wasn't out of new born till was 3 months and has always stayed 3 months behind clothing sizes, if you no what I mean. So to me a 9lb baby is huge. Lol

    X X X
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  • ILovemy Geek - that's nothing - Gabe was over a stone at 10 weeks old! LOL! (though has slowed down lots and now is just under 20lb at 6.5mths).

    Love my big boy, wouldn't change him for anything...but sometimes I feel a bit sad that no one stopped to chat to me and coo over him, cos he looked about 3 months old. Well, they do coo over him, but not in an "aww what a tiny baby" way!

  • check this out my bb was born 4lb and 3onz small ha but hi was very healty and not problems what so ever, now he is about four months and has triple his weight. he is been very alert from day one.
    its an honor to be his mum!!!!!!!!!!
  • My friend just had a little boy that was 8lbs 8oz and he's sooo tiny and cute!! Poppy was 9lbs12oz at birth so was never that small!!
    They do grow so fast, I don't know where the last 14 months have gone- don't wish away their early months by trying to make them do things before they're ready, they'll soon be running around destroying your house!!
    PS well done Gabe for rolling!! no rushing him was there??!!
  • My 3rd was my biggest at 8lb 9oz and my newest (no5 born Monday) was a diddy 6lb 8oz,,,,,,,newborn babygros swamp him lol
  • jake was 6lb 10oz born, and we have just given up squeezing him into tiny baby for newborn, which still swamp him, have to turn his sleeves up and legs up on everything! was 9lb on thursday at 5 weeks and 3 days and we just cannot beleive how much he has grown
  • Whenever I see new babies I think to myself that 'Louise was never that small'! She was 8lb 14oz and I'll never forget the midwifes (lots as in theatre) especially the student midwife saying 'it's a big baby'. The student midwife kept saying it over and over and cried!

    Even now I get lots of 'wow, she's grown lots' and is bigger than a 6 month old we saw yesterday! She only wore her newborn outfit once then moved into 3-6 months clothes around 7 weeks.

    I think i'll get a shock if I have another baby and they are smaller!
  • my LO was teeny tiny...when i was about 20 weeks preg :lol: he was 8lb 5oz born and was 13lb at 7 weeks so now at 10 weeks he'll easily be a stone hehe! i love my little fatty image x
  • Loopy loo, I was in theatre too & all I was hearing was "oh my god, this is one BIG baby". I was petrified - I thought they meant that he was like 12lb!!! - when they said 9lb 1, I felt relieved, hehe. Talk about scaring me!
  • at 35 weeks i was told JJ was 6.5lbs and they said he'd be well over 10lb full term and then i went 15 days over and MWs kept feeling my tummy and saying 'wow have u been told ur having a big one?' so i nearly fainted when they said he was 8lb 5oz when he was born, all that panic for nothing lol x
  • My little boy was 7lb 4oz and was 4 days over due, we went shopping with him in the baby bjorn when he was about 5 weeks old and a lady came over to us and said she couldn't believe he was a real baby he was so tiny, she had thought we were carrying a doll!!
    I look at his first baby clothes now and I just can't believe he was so small. As some of the others said the newborn stuff swamped him until he was nearly 3 months old!
    I'm pregnant with number 2 now though so I will soon be reminded how little they can be! x
  • Tiger Lily - She was delivered onto my tummy (by ventouse) then taken off quickly to be checked over and wrapped in something before being given back to me for a cuddle. They asked me if they could take her to weigh and dress her and I was intreged to find out how mch she weighed! The odd thing for us was that we had to ask if she was a boy or girl as they just expected us to already know!
  • My LO was 6lb 6oz, born at 39 weeks. I loved the fact that he was so teeny tiny and light... seemed more like a baby that way! He's 16lb 7oz at 22 weeks now so is really thriving.
  • hi
    my first was meant to be a 10lb, boy,but was a 7.9 girl lol.
    then i had 6.8, 5.13, 6.12, 7.15.
    the last was a shock lol.

    mandy x
  • AS I had gestational diabetes my baby was checked every week as his birth date got closer. MW and consultants kept saying that baby was `a big baby`. He was born at 39+6 weeks by c section - nearly died when I saw him ........my `big baby` was 6ib 14oz. LOL. Was that out of it that I spent some hours wondering where my `big baby` had gone. LOL. He was 16lb 12oz on Tues and is now 23 weeks.
  • Lol Tigerlily, Riley has grown loads and I still have the sleepless nights! Not fair at all, haha. It's weird looking at pics though and thinking how small they were isnt it. xxx
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