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OK so I am hoping it was a growth spurt.....normally my little one (1month) feeds on average every 3 hours, I am BF, so don't really know how much she is taking but she only feeds for about 20 mins (I have tried changing the nappy waking her up, cold cotton on her face but she just refuses any more) but yesterday she was feeding just about every 2 hours so last night I gave her 4 oz of aptamel, 3 hours later she is feeding again (from a very full breast) then through the night every 3 hours. Today it seems to have gone slightly back to her normal, not much of a routine but generally every 3 hours, could this be a growth spurt or is she becoming a hungry baby???

Secondly, am I ok to go back on Cerazette mini pill?

Thirdly, last night she slept ok in her mosses basket until 5.30 then she would not be put down. I feed her in a chair and she normally goes to sleep where I then put her into the basket, but last night I got her up, changed her fed her and thought she was asleep but no she would not be put down in her basket, she would only settle when lying on me so in the end I had to give in until we got up at 8am. This kind of behaviour does go on through the day too, just when I think she is sleeping I put her down but she wakes, through the day I thought it was because she just snoozes but last night was a nightmare.

Help x


  • hi there

    sounds like your doing a great job, yes it may be a growth spurt, my lo goes through stages of feeding more for a week or so then goes back into his normal routine, im also bf and ff. my lo hated his moses, you could try leaving something that you have been wearing in the day, like a t-shirt in the moses so that lo feels comforted that you are there? you lo is only a month old so its still quite early to be getting into a proper routine, i know waking in the night is hard but when lo is a bit older he/she will settle into a routine, mine did he didnt sleep well at all until 14 weeks then all of a sudden he slept through! im not sure about the pill, my doctor gave me a differnt one as im bf, so id would see our gp before you take anything.,

    ashy x
  • The average for a growth spurt is at 6 weeks but it can happen earlier and usually lasts for about 2 or 3 days. But apparently the way to tell is if they are waking at the same time in the night then it is habitual but if they are waking at random times then they are hungry and certainly if they are also taking more during the day then it is probably a growth spurt and she will prob go back to every 3 hrs v soon.

    As for the pill I remember from last time when I was bf I couldn't go back on my normal one and had to go on a different one but I can't remember what it is called.

    For tips on sleeping I found the book the Baby Whisperer really helped me get her to sleep. My dd1 went through the night from 10 weeks and this lo went for 7.5hrs last night at 4 weeks by following some of the tips from her book.
  • thank you for the advice and comforting words. we had another night of feeding, she had 4oz at about 9 then a top up y BF at 11.30, she then woke at her normal time of 1.30 then again at 3.30, 5.30 but I have to admit I now think she is just stirring and making lots of noise which makes me believe she is awake and hungry when in actual fact she is just stirring as when I got up to feed her at 3.30 she was fast asleep and didn't take hardly any!! I have a noisy sleeper, just like daddy!!!!

    I will ask my gp about going back on the pill, though can't quite believe I'm even thinking about it!!!!! hahaha

    I also tried puting her in the actual cot last night too but made no odd of difference so to get the money worth and there is no where to store the basket she can just go back in that!!

    Again thanks for your advice, onwards and upwards

    x x
  • you sound like your doing great!!

    your gp will talk to you about contraception at your 6 week check, although if you have a pack of pills have a read through the booklet, i think it is one of the ones that is ok but you could always ring the gp to check.

    we have found jacob goes through times of being really hungry then going back to "normal" this will continue for a while with the growth spurts that are close together

    we have the problem with not going down although he has started to go down better the past few nights, your LO is still very young and maybe need the comfort?

    becca and jacob
    6 weeks, 5 days
  • Yes cerazette is a progesterone-only pill so it's fine for breastfeeding. I was put on this at my 6 week check but had been on it previously too. Best to check with your GP first though about what's best for you. x
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