Could it be her teeth?

Hi all

Lily has been very odd today. She only had 4oz milk this morning and then a little porridge. She had about 1/2 small banana for her snack and then she had about the equivalent of a small jar for her lunch (under protest). She didn't want her 2pm bottle and didn't want her tea or pudding. I got a few mouthfuls in her and she clamped her mouth shut! I have been battling with her since about 7pm to have her last bottle and she has had 6oz finally. She has been really teary and I have been up and down stairs all night. I've just given her some calpol as she was screaming and so upset. Can teething make them like this? She already has some teeth but was never off her food. She hasn't eaten properly since 12pm today, which is soooo not like Lily!


  • Hey hun,
    This sounds like our lo for the past 3 days! We're battling to get him to take milk and any kind of solids and we've also out it down to teeth. We're waiting for the teeth to appear but nowt at the minute!
    I would wait and see how she is tomorrow and if she's still not eating, upset and just not herself get to the GP. Hope she's ok and let us know xx
  • Thanks for that. She just woke again screaming and had a very smelly nappy! Will let you know what sort of night we have lol!
  • Awww bless her I really wish we could do something for them and I didn't realise how long the teething thing goes on for!
    Alf's made all sorts of rumblings tonight which he doesn't normally do so I hope and pray when he wakes up tomorrow we will have the full Hollywood smile! Good luck for tonight x
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