Clawing at face

Ds is now 10 days old and for the past couple of days has been clawing at his face as he's falling asleep. It's not like the newborn scratching, more like rubbing his eyes gone frantic. Hes not distressed while he's doing it there's often not a peep out of him (except the rustling in his crib) and it only starts once he's put down in his crib and more at night than daytime naps.
I'm sure it's just a tiredness thing that he'll grow out of. He's pretty good at self settling, but pullinghis hands away wakes him back up so keep ending up letting him fallasleep on us to avoid it (I know I know)

Has/does anyone elses lo do the same? Any ideas ladies? x


  • Hi didn't want to r&r. My lo never did this. I'm not sure there's anything you can do. With lo's the age of yours, you can't stop them doing anything as they don't understand. Scratch mitts will obviously stop him scratching his face. Then try to take them off once he's asleep maybe, because of the heat. Sorry can't be any help. xx
  • Do you think it could be heat rash or maybe even hayfever????Maybe worth asking the health visitor???

  • Daisy is doing it to, I'd put it down to tiredness as it looks like she's clumsily rubbing her eyes. I've just been trying to keep her nails short so she doesn't scratch herself.
  • my baby does/did this. I find its either wind or tiredness. I always kept scratch mits on him and at night i use the baby grows that have the wee mits attached. I also have a teddy with a wee cloth attached and he rubs that on his face now when he is falling asleep

    Gemm x
  • Thanks ladies, luckily have been keeping his nails short so no scratches, I'm
    Sure it's just a tiredness thing, thanks gemm, tried the comforter teddy when he started doing it before his nap earlier and it worked a dream, his other hand was still rubbing the back of his head, but no harm done there x
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