All the way round bumpers

Hi, My DD is almost 8 months old and is very active in her sleep and throws herself around.
I know you aren't supposed to use cot bumpers these days but she was flinging her head against the bars so i bought one, she now wriggles down to the bottom of the cot and is doing the same again.
When i went in to get her from her nap the other day her head was pressed right up against the bars she was still sleeping and hadn't cried when she looked up at me there was an imprint of the bar across her head and it was bright red image
I had it checked out and she was fine, so now i have got one of those all the way round bumpers and everytime someone hears me say that they are shocked and say don't you know the risks blah blah blah but i don't know what else to do risk her hitting her head again or risk the bumper. Just after some opinions/advice please?


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  • hi there

    i use a cot bumper for my 10 month old, and have done since he has been more active (from about 7 months) he did the same as your lo, throwing himself about, and bumping head etc, and the bumper has really helped, as for the safety of them, babies from about 6 months old can move their head, if for example it was pressed against something stopping them breathing properly, they would know to turn their head. i would ignore peoples comments, you know what is best for your lo, and if you feel it is helping by having a bumper, then keep it.

    ashy xxx
  • My one worry with an 8 month old would be that they could use the bumper to pull themselves up and as they get older help them climb long as they are attached in a way that means they collapse under the weight if a child then I think you're fine...
  • I have just bought an airwrap bumper which goes all the way around the cot. There is 1 long piece for 3 sides & a separate piece for the drop down side. Its breathable so they wont suffocate if they press their face up against it & it and also just squashes down if its stood on so they can't use it to climb out. Its more padded than it looks on the picture too, although not too thick like other cot bumpers.

    My DS is almost 7 months now & is a proper Mr Wriggles. We're always finding him in strange positions in his cot and he was always getting his legs stuck in the bars and getting jammed widthways bless him.

    I think its great & would recommend it. It makes me feel better knowing that if he does wriggle & get himself stuck widthways his little head isn't jammed against the hard cot bars.

    I got mine from Amazon.

    Hope that helps! xx
  • I think sometimes (like with your lo) a bumper is needed for other safety reasons, the main thing I'd worry about is lo using it to climb out the cot (I dislocated my elbow climbing out of mine as a child- not that I remember it!)
  • Thank you for the replies i did buy the airwrap one and she throw herself against the bars as usual and still marked herself :/(

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