nappy rash! really sore!!

well lolahs bum was a bit sore last night b4 bed so put metanium on her, then wen i woke her this morning and changed her nappy, she had poo'd- must have done it thru the night but didnt wake up, now its so sore- bleeding on both bum cheeks, not sure what to use on it?? ne 1 have ne advice?? xxx



  • poor lolah! use warm water and cotton to change her. i dont know what cream to use, i use bepenthem which is practically same as metanium.
    My mil (aged 64) swears by beating the white of an egg and rubbing that on apparently it protects their tush from coming into contact with the poo. I can see how it would work but have never tried it.
  • If the skin is broken i wouldn't put any cream on it. Just clean with luke warm water and cotton wool. then eiither pat dry with a towel or leave to air dry. Are you able to give her nay nappy free time? Let the air get to it. make sure you keep it as clean as possible so no infection gets in. if it gets worse I would see your gp.
  • aww, thanx for all ur advice, ive jus bathed her and left her nappy of for 15 mins, now shes sleeping. really hope it doesnt get ne worse, she flinches everytime i change her nappy. xxx
  • Looks like you have had a lot of good advice here XxbutterflyxX hope shes doing ok soon! If not you could have a quick look here!!!.htm as this is another mum in the same position who got helped out. If all else fails, you must seek medical advice though. Hope its better soon, poor little pudding xxx
  • DS got shocking nappy rash when he was teething, bleeding, open and red raw. The only thing that worked was metanium, it's an absolute godsend. I swear by it. Hope she's feeling happier soon.

  • awww poor baby! Grace is only just getting rid of the same kind of rash. Everytime i wiped her a spec of blood would appear. Nothing nasty more like little spots here and there. I used Bepanthem which is pretty much the same as metanium but doesn't dye the bum yellow! lol.

    Hope it gets better soon

    Lisa xxx
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