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Can anyome recommend a decent thermometer?

Hi all, haven't been on here for a while but my little one is now 5 months old!! I currently have the calpol digital thermometer which I find totally useless. One day his temperature varied from 33 to 37.9 in the space of an hour!! I don't trust it one bit. Can anyone recommend one that is a little more reliable and not going to break the bank?



  • Hi hun

    The Braun Thermoscan is the business!

    It's very accurate...

    Around here, all of the doctors surgeries and hospitals use them because they are so good..

    Best place to get it is Amazon as it's always on offer there!

    Hope this helps
    C x
  • We have this one:

    and love it! It is quite pricey at ??40 but if yo ucollect boots points, you get triple on them - worth nearly ??5 so not so bad.

    We have never found a problem with it - always acccurate and the battery seems to last forever!!

  • We have the Thermoscan too and I think its excellent - it's one of our baby best-buys tbh. We always get an accurate reading, which is a must when you have little ones. We got ours years ago, but we got it on offer for about ??25, so shop around.

  • We also bought the Braun Thermoscan after having problems with the Brother Max 3 in 1. The Brother Max told us that ds had a temp of 37.3 when in fact it ws 39.4!!!

    I think where health is concerned, it's worth shelling out a little bit more for a good one if you can afford it - just for reassurance. The Thermoscan is very quick and very accurate - I think it's worth it.
  • when we were in hospital last wk, they said that ear thermometers are no good for young babies and said that the boots digital under arm thermometer is best. they are 8 quid.

    Em xx
  • Thanks for that girls. looks like there's a clear winner! Have had a little look on amazon and found one for around ??20 so might go for that! I'm surprised at that Ems101 as I've read reviews for underarm thermometers and most people say they aren't suitable for babies because it's hard to keep them held in the right place. Might be worth getting as a back up though
    Thanks again
  • i'm a children's nurse and second what ems101 says we never use them on babies under 6 months and rarely on babies under a year just because the ear cannal isn't big enough to fit the probe in fully, which means you can get a normal reading when your baby has a high temp. If you are going to use one i'd suggest you make sure there's a good fit in the ear, pull the ear lobe down gently as this lines up the ear canal and check it a couple of times just to be sure. We use under arm ones on babies, is a bit harder as you have to hold them under there but it's more accurate
  • GIL, that's a tad worrying - when on the maternity ward after the birth of all 3 of mine (and that's 2 diff hospitals) they all used the ear thermometers on newborns. My newborns all had their temps taken 4 times a day with them.

    Strange how advice can be so different isn't it!

    Not arguing btw, just saying my experience xxxx


  • yeah is interesting, we got an update from the manafacturers of ours advising us not to use on under 6 months and to use with caution under a year, from experience i know how easy it can be to use them wrong on bigger children so am always cautious about using them on lo's i wonder how many medical proffesionals actually recieve training on them. one handed typing so sorry for any mistakes
  • I see this thread is old, but wanted to contribute anyways, for we've been super happy with our Kinsa stick thermometer and highly recommend it to others w/ infants.  It plugs directly into your smartphone and takes quick readings, is super accurate and tracks your temp history for all members of the family, in the app!  When your baby has a fever it gives you tips on what to do next to help.  This has been one of the best baby purchases to date, love it!

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