For any Mums feeling guilty about going back to work

...this might offer some reassurance. It has definitely made me feel a bit better about it!


  • Good article - I did feel guilty about returning to work especially as my other friends from NCT group are either returning after 9 or 12 months. With me my DS was 7 months. We simply couldnt afford to have longer off. We have a good nursery near home and I know he is well looked after there, the days he has been there has come back all smiles and doesn't look back when I drop him off. The carers tell me he eats all his food and naps well so he must be settled.

    I keep telling myself that the social interaction he gets with other babies is good for him and I'm doing the best for my DS by working and providing the best future for him financially. I work 4 days although he's in nursery for 3 of those days. I couldn't return f/t just yet but feel 4 days at work and 3 days off is a good balance plus I look so forward to spending the 3 days off with him. My hubby has him for 1 day too. Are you back at work yet Cath? xx
  • Not yet - I start back on 1st Nov, so Adam will be 8.5 months old. He's going to be in nursery 4 days per week as we don't have any family close by to help out with childcare.

    I know it's the right decision, but I'm dreading it already!

    It's great that your LO is enjoying nursery. Fingers crossed Adam will too.
  • I've been working full time since my lo was 7 months old (she's now 21 months). I'm glad this has been found as s lot of mums have to go back to work especially in a recession. They shouldn't be made to feel guilty when doing it. As a child whose mother worked I'm pretty certain it does no harm. I think I turned out ok and am very close to my mum. I have fond memories of my childminder. I can assure you that it gets better with time. The first few weeks were hard but now I enjoy work and find that I value the time at home a lot more.
  • Great article. I go back tmw! Lo is 8.5 mths and dreading it. Just need to get thte first day by and I'll be fine. Not sure if I remember how to work more than anythign else image x
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