constant snuffly nose

for about 4wks now luke has had a constant nasal congestion. his nose sounds so snuffly and sometime i can feel it in his back when he sniffs bless him. its worse at night but he is still snuffly through the day. it wouldnt normally worry me, after all its just a bit of a snotty nose but hes had it for ages now!! doesnt matter if i manage to clear his nose, hes still snuffly. hes not unwell or anyting like that,he doesnt sneeze any more than normal either.

anyone else had experience of this? dont know whether i should pop him to see doctor or will i sound like a psycho mother who goes to the doctors for snuffles!!!!!


  • how old is he hun?

    Tyler had this from birth till he was about 8 weeks. On one occasion he went purple and I almost called an ambulance! I think its just mucus from where they are in the womb ect. Otherwise it could be hayfever??

    As for Drs, they wont think that. They always say to me better to be safe than sorry & even if they did think that - stuff em, its your baby & if a trip to the Drs can help with his discomfort then go! :\)

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