why wont he sleep past 5am !!! - UPDATE


Tyler wakes every day at 5am, he is wide awake and will not go back to sleep. Any ideas how i can at least get another hour out of him ? He feed at 12 and 4 but after the 4 is very restless and the most he will sleep is an hour after that. I tried PUPD but he isn't tired so is blatantly not going to work, he goes to bed at 7.



well last night wa so much better, I couldn't get him past 7pm bed as he was dropping off in my arms, just spent abit longer in the bath, so he went in his new swaddleaze (which is fab) had a full bottle and went down at 7.15, then was up at 1 and then 5.30 when i just gave him a bottle and put him back down and he then got up at 6.40 !!! I think its the swaddleaze as there is no way he can get out of like his old one and its really soft so just like a sleeping bag with a swaddle on it. Jabs today though so will see how tonight goes.

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  • How old is your lo?

  • sorry he's 16 weeks old.

  • My lo is 6 months old. He goes to bed around 7-7.30pm, wakes up anywhere between 1-3am for a feed and wakes up again anywhere between 5am-6am wide awake and set for the day.

    Thing is, after his first bottle i put him in his swing he'll watch cbeebies for a bit then go back to sleep for another couple of hours!!why can't he just stay asleep in his cot like he does in his swing?Hes not hungry when he wakes up second time, I think he just likes getting us out of bed and making us deprived of our sleep!
  • All you can do is let him get up at 5, but keep things very dark and quiet (and boring!) hopefully one day he will realise that it's just not worth it.

    How much sleep does he have in the day - if it is too much or too little, this would explain it!
  • i was looking at ways to stretch toby in the morning. One place suggested morning toys. Give him specific morning cot toys to play with and leave him in his cot - he will hopefully get the hint that mummy needs a little more sleep.

    We are going car boot morning toy shopping on sunday! x
  • Toby is exactly the same. He will settle brilliantly after his other night feeds but come 5am he is up and ready to start the day! He is happy to just play by himself but he is SO NOISY (he is testing his voice out, lol) that I can't sleep either.

    He's been doing this for about a week (he's 11 weeks old) and I am knackered but hoping he will sort himself out soon.

    The only advice I could give is to maybe try bringing your midnight feed forward to 11:30 - I know that sounds weird but a midwife told me that babies have a natural core sleep from midnight to 6am, so we should try to get the last evening feed in before that and they should sleep a bit longer. So you would probably end up feeding at 11:30 and 3:30ish, which would hopefully still be early enough that he would go back to sleep and maybe make it to 6am (or later)!

    Good luck whatever you do - if you discover some magic solution please post it!

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  • thanks ladies, tonight i'm going to try:

    swaddleaze which arrived today
    bed at 7.30
    dreamfeed at 11

    since hubs is on nights makes no difference if it goes pear shaped

    will let you know how i get on

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