my baby just had her first set of this normal?

hi all,

DD had her jabs earlier this arvo and she cried for about a minute, gave the nurse massive evils (hahaa) and then she didn't cry for about 2 hours...until we got home. then she screamed the house down and went bright red. finally calmed her down but she has not been able to drink her milk the way she normally would (5 ounces every 3 hours). She can only manage about 30mls before spitting it up then she sleeps for a bit...then wakes, screams, feeds a little, spits up, sleeps etc. The nurse said she would have a fever from day 2 after the jabs but is this normal for her to be acting weird like this right away? anyone else had this problem - what did you do?



  • LO was off for a couple of days after, we gave calpol regulary which helped but he was very unsettled, more so after the 3rd lot x
  • We had a similar experience where DD was fine up until about 3 hours after where she screamed and screamed. It seemed to be the area around where the needle had gone in that was hurting her. We gave Calpol and she was ok within about half an hour.
  • i need to buy some calpol then!!! thanks girls.
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