Am I the only one who thinks this 'ice rink' is a bit dodgy?
Acting is crap and I'm gutted as I LOVE Sean.
Wonder if he turns up on 'Dancing in Ice' next week?!
Very dissaponted (agghh sp!!) LOVE Easties and this is a bit pants imo-anyone else? xx


  • I like Sean as well. I didn't hear he was going to be on Dancing on Ice. I would love it if he was. I like both sides to him.
  • Ohhhh he's walked away which means he'll turn up in the shower in 8 years time and it'll have been all a dream!! Agree about the 2 sides and that smile...mmmmmm!!x
  • I am actually watching it on sky plus now and I am just at the ice part now lol. i didn't get to start watching it on time so I am about 10 mins behind. I was wondering what you meant by the ice rink. How stupid of me.
  • Ooo he is Yummy! lol I like both sides too! lol I thought he was going to comit suaside from what he was saying to stacy.. did I get that right? lol how silly am I.. I cried! haha.. must be 'due'!! :lol: x
  • it looked so fake didnt it!! i like sean too i think he'll def turn up one day!
  • oh i know- i had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes!! haha. i thought he was goin to commit suicide aswell. xxxx
  • The ice part was really fake it was stupid but I didn't want Sean to go. I felt sorry for him lol.
  • What ice part? .... I'm not following, please help! I guess he is going to go and commit suicide now? am I wrong? Its all a bit OTT. xx

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  • Me too but at least it's still open for him to come back-yay! I read somewhere he's off to Hollywood to make movies! I thought he was the only one who could act in that scene and the cute little baby obviously!x
  • Aye I thought it was supposed to come out about Danielle and Ronnie on Xmas day but they must have decided to hold that out a bit and do the Amy and Sean story instead.
  • Can not wait for all that to hit the fan!! LOVE Easties! Want Shirley and Phil to get together. Want Heather to find somone lovely. Want Evil Nick and horrid little Dotty to bog off-that's gonna be a horrible story line. Soooo much going on!
  • i admit, i love eastenders to and sean. i also heard he is leaving to go and make movies. and in some strange way i also want phil and shirley to get together! xxx
  • Please ladies... tell me whats happening in eastenders!?!? I watched it tonight (1st December) but dont understand the comments you have made about the lake...? xx HELP!!
  • :lol: did anyone hear them mention Crouch End? thats like a short walk away from me! :lol: being stalked by east enders.. wonder if they have got a bet on to mention certain places? x
  • Crouch End-why does that sound funny???? Bet it's just me-tee hee!
    Read in the paper Nick sells Dotty to Dot-knew it was gonna be horrible but flippin' heck!!
  • you know you hear ronnie talk about her daughter Amy who is dead.. her dad took her off her when she was just a few hours old and 'got rid' ronnie was only 14 so was helpless.. well I think Danille is her daughter! hth! x
  • I haven't watched EE since just before christmas cos knew the storyline coming up and just know I'd be a mess of tears watching it! It's a horrible plot since he was so loving being a dad- prob because I only gave birth a fortnight ago that I can't bear to see him find out lol But good to know he could be back!
    I love Sean can't believe he's leaving- need some new eye candy in to replace him- hope that's not why they brought back Nick cos he just ain't in the same league haha
  • I can't be bothered with Nick either. Did you see tonight Lauren admitting to Max that she tried to kill him. I hate it when it ends like that on a Friday night and we have to wait until Monday lol.

    Yes Danielle is Ronnie's daughter. Danielle knows this but Ronnie doesn't know. Apparently it was supposed to be the Xmas storyline but it obviously wasn't so I don't know when it will come out.

    Oh I feel like I am an addict. I didn't watch it for months but I am back into it again now.
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