does anyone have an icandy peach blossom?

What do you think of it? Any bad points?

Thanks ladies!


  • Yes, I love it and would happily recommend it. I actually think it's been my best buy, I've been so pleased.

    Bad points - Once in stroller mode it seems a little small. The strap that goes around the waist/crotch isn't very big. Still plenty of room for my 8 month old though so not too much of an issue.

    Even with the negative comment, if I had my time over, it would be the first thing on my shopping list. HTH xx
  • me and I love it! we actually have twins so we have the i candy peach blossom with twin adaptors, but it's the same base and seat units (slightly different carrycots).
    Although I love it I could pick a few minor faults with it...

    The carrycots are small. My babies were born at 32 weeks and now they're 10 weeks only weigh 7lb7 and 8lb 1 but they're really starting to fill out the carrycots - there's no way they'll be in them til anywhere near 6 months. The basket at the bottom isn't that big. There's nowhere to hang your bag. That's pretty much it.

    It's light, easy to put up, very easy to manouver with one hand whilst carrying a shopping basket with the other hand (!) and of course very stylish, I'd highly recommend it and buy it again.
  • I do. Apart from the bar across the front which I find a bit cumbersome, I do love my buggy. I bought it as it was sooooo easy to maneoveur. I quite regularly push it one handed which is helpful if LO wants a carry.

    I agree with LEC though - the carrycot is small and I moved Amelia out of it at 12 weeks. It was okay in length but the width is NARROW!!;\)

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