How long between crawling and walking?

I was wondering how long your LO's crawled before walking?

My LO has been crawling for nearly 2 months and I am happy for him to be crawling but wonder if I should be encouraging walking at all?

Do they just step away from and object and take a few steps? what are the signs etc?

He can 'walk' as in knows the action, will walk on his vtech walker and around the furniture.



  • Haiden can walk with support (me holding her hands or pushing her walker) and that happened fairly quickly after she began to crawl (maybe a month?). I can't help on the walking upaided I'm afraid as I'm still waiting, but I'm told that one day they'll just do it!

    Come on babies!! xx
  • varies from baby to baby.. ds crawled at 5 months but started cruising at 8.5months and walking unaided at 12months. x
  • Hiya,

    Once Toby mastered crawling, he then started pulling himself up on things (mainly the furniture!). Once he mastered that, he started cruising and also walking on his own using his push-a-long walker. After he totally mastered cruising, we started walking with him holding our hands, he then did this holding just 1 hand. When he got there, we'd stand him inbetween us and let him walk between us (very short distance) until he was confident enough to let go of our fingers (ok we made him let go!!! :lol: ) and walk a couple of steps on his own. Its just grown from there!

    To answer your question... he was crawling at 8 months and walking at just over 1yr.

    Good luck! Its SO much fun now he's walking!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin started crawling at about 7.5 months. She is now 10 months and since saturday has taken a few steps unaided. She is really strong on her legs and can stand unaided for a good while.
  • How long is a piece of string? Peter started crawling properly at 11.5 months (he was pulling himself along on his tummy before then) and was pulling himself to standing and cruising within a couple of weeks. He walked using his push-along walker on his first birthday.

    He now walks holding on to one or two of our hands and cruises happily but shows no interest in walking independently (we have tried MummyJoo's method of making him let go and he just stands there, quite stable, but not walking at all :lolimage. He is sixteen months on Thursday and I have given up expecting him to walk independently any time soon (no matter how often my mother-in-law asks! image
  • Isaac crawled at 9m and walked at 11m. Oscar crawled at 5m and took his first steps today at 2 days short of 9m!

    Depends on the baby I think. Oscar just wants to chase his big brother!

  • ds1 started crawling at just befor 8 months but didn't take his 1st steps till he was 19months!!! He was cruising from around 10months and first stood unaided at 17months.
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