head lice :\(

i think josh has head lice.... image i had seen lots of little black specks on his scalp yesterday and wondered what it was, gave him a bath last night and washed them away, then this morning when i was feeding him had a check and saw more and then saw what im pretty sure was a little nit! i know theyre not cos his dirty etc but i stil cant help thinking eww gross, but i feel so sorry for him i hope theyre not making his head all itchy, hes only 7 weeks so i cant tell if theyre bothering him really or not image am waiting for the health visitor to ring back to tell me if i can wash his hair with any medicated stuff cos im not sure if hes too little to have that or not... and I have no idea where he could have got them from in the first place!?
any advice ladies...?
xx jess and josh
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