Icandy Apple - What did you pay?? also in pregnancy

Having made a rash decision and putting a deposit on a silvercross last week I've changed my mind and am now 100% certain I want the Icandy apple.

As nowhere posts prices on their websites I just wondered what other people have paid.

I've been quoted:

chassis/seat unit - ??400
Carry cot - ??155
Car seat adaptors - ??30

So a total of ??585

Just wondered if this is a good price?



  • We had the I candy apple special edition and paid ??900 for everything.

  • i have the cherry and didnt bother with car seat adapters, as i always used the carrycot. so, if you use the carry cot that's a ??30 saving already!
  • I cant remember the individual prices but I paid ??715 for:
    Seat unit/chasis
    Flavour Pack in Grape
    Raincovers for seat unit and carrycot
    Car Seat adaptors
    Maxicosi Car seat (I think this was about ??125)

    This was in February and the prices have risen by about 10% since then so I would say you have got a good deal. Even though it's quite expensive I love it. It's really comfortable to push. Olivia is only 2 weeks and was 6lb3oz born so quite light and she sleeps really well in it when we are out and doesn't even stir when we go over bumps as it has a really good suspension.
  • Thanks for the reposnses. It seems like this is quite a good price then. The place I'm buying from let you pay in installments too which is good!

    Glad to hear you're happy with the apple too!
  • Id say that was a good price too. We bought ours just over a year ago and paid....
    ??139 for carrycot
    ??395 for pushchair bit
    ??30 for adaptors.

    I wouldnt have been without my adaptors as i used the car seat a lot for quick trips to supermarket....made life a lot easier. I also found i didnt really use the carrycot that much....our LO was quite big so he outgrew it quickly. However i wouldnt advise not buying it..........it really does depend on baby/size etc. BTW i LOVE my Apple....one of our best buys. xx
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