So shocked!!!

Hubby and I were out today and we were in Debenhams looking at dresses for dd, anyway there was a woman with 2 little girls, 1 was about 3 and in her pram and she and Olivia start gabbing away to each other, anyway the mother took the girls to try on dresses and we were passing the changing room the younger girl caming running out towards Olivia, I thought she wanted to say hello because of the way they were chatting in their own wee language and then she dug her nails into my 8 months old baby's arm and dragged her nails down!! Her mum came out and slapped her on the hand and couldnt apoligise enough but my more baby her arm was bright red and she has scratches all down her arm!! Poor Olivia was staring at the girl still smiling away (she smiles for everyone) and there I was so upset that some other child came over and hurt my wee baby!!! I know kids will do these sort of things but still, at least her mum came out and punished her and apologised but my poor baby!!!!

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  • I would have gone mental, poor Olivia. But you're right at least her mum did give her a good rollocking, some would just gloss over it.
    How horrid for you both
  • I know I was so upset!! probably more so than Olivia :lol:
  • Bloody hell that's awful! How horrible for you x
  • Oh no, that's awful!

    So pleased though that her mum apologised and didn't let her get away with it.

    It's impossible to protect our babies from everything, even though you want to. I do hope you've recovered from the ordeal xx
  • awww poor baby!

    emmy-lee got poked in the eye at baby social but it was just another baby trying to be friends, the poor mum couldn't apologise enough but i hated seeing my baby cry!

  • I had something like that where a little boy the same age as my son just came up to him and pushed him really hard against a sandbox and then smashed his head on the floor. I was so shocked and horrified I shouted "what the hell" at the little boy. I felt awful because of my reaction but more awful for my little man in understandable and absolute tears.

    i think it is an alpha baby thing. This boy was the biggest at play group in their age range before my son arrived. He pushed pass 4 other kids to get to my son. Right in front of me and his own mum too. naughty boy.

    Rosapenny sounds like you were quite calm about it so well done! Poor baby.

  • aw rosapenny how awful like the others said its good the mum dealt with the issue, its terrible if I could i would never let any of my kids feel a pick of pain xx
  • I did remain calm throughout it but I was close to tears after, Olivia was still smiling away and I was thinking how could anyone do that to my poor little girl, she is so tiny and a real smiler!! :cry:
    mummy and emmy-lee & cherry tree I don't know how you restrained, you really want to do shout at the other kid but at the same time you are thinking oh what will happen if I shout at this kid?!
  • I know what you mean rosapenny there are mental people out there who would prob start on you for shouting even though their kid is in the wrong!!!!
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