Anyones LO got one of these?


  • Someone said they had a scuttlebug which is very similar...the thread was something like 'best 1st birthday present' x
  • Poppy got one very similiar to that for her first birthday - only difference being hers is 3 wheels and is a 'scuttlebug' but she adores it! She could use it herself from her 1st birthday and now at almost 3 she still loves it!!!
    It folds upreally small too so is ideal for indoor use too!!!
  • Thanks ladies, think i'll get the scuttlebug instead! Off to look for it now!

  • John lewis have it - and I think it's thesamenprice if not slightly cheaper! X
  • John Lewis is where poppy's came from, they were the same price as everywhere else.
    I'm sure your lo will love it!!
  • Thank you!!

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