Sleeping bag aerobics!!

Going on from the thread about what baby wears to bed, I was wondering if anyone has the same problem as me whereby baby moves around the cot in their sleep bag, starting off in one place & often ending up at 90degrees in the cot. She doesn't actually wake up but she's longer than thecot is wide so looks v. Uncomfy, so I turn her round about twice a night. She sleeps through (7pm til 6am) and I'm concerned that when we put her in her own room I won't b on hand to turn her round and she won't sleep through anymore. So does anyone know how I can get her to stop turning 90degrees?!


  • sorry I have a gymnast in the bed too during the night when I look (video) cam he manages to point in every direction on the compass on his back side and front he is such a wriggler, so glad to the grow bags though they are great as no way would he be safe in blankets lol

    his current favourite fall to sleep position is like a sealion?? imagine on your side with both arms behind you almost like a skydive position?? how it can be comfy i have no idea lol
  • we had a nightmare when LO started rolling and crawling but i have solved this by tucking the end of the sleeping bag under the mattress, it stops him moving and he is still where i left him in the morning! x
  • there isnt a way of keeping them still once they learn how to, our LO gets all over the bed but can now re ajust himself in his sleep so i dont move him anymore, have you tried leaving her, might be worth trying that before you move her to her own room x

  • I too am worried about this. My baby does full 360 s front, back, positions etc and her small blanket comes straight off. She also stands in her sleep (eyes closed and everything then lies down again) so worried sleeping bag will trip her up and cause her to bang her head, do people find the sleeping bags trip up their babies? its my next choice with Autumn setting in x

    Thanks Inka xxx
  • we have never had any problems, LO stands sits, rolls, etc in his and is fine, strange the things they do in their sleep!
  • Inka, i removed my little one from his bag about a month ago for this reason. He was fine moving about and rolling and even standing but when he started to try and walk along the cot he kept tripping and waking up with bruises on his head so he is now under his cot quilt!!
    That said, he still slept through!
  • I have a cot gymnast here too. She's such a wriggle bottom, I swear she has ants in her pants! She's 19 weeks and does 180 degree turns and 90 degree turns, but generally sleeps well. I tend just to leave her to it and don't bother re-adjusting. She hasn't rolled in her sleep yet, but has in the day so I'm just waiting for that. I'm not looking forward to the standing and sitting phase though!
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