Bald patches????


I know it's normal to lose quite a bit of hair after having a baby, but I am losing loads!! Every time I wash or even brush my hair I get soooo much comming out.

Have also started to notice some bald patches, at least 3! They are about the size of a 50p but you can't see them unless I move my hair out of the way. (I can feel them which is very annoying)
Is this normal? Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Thanks for any help!



  • When I comb/wash/brush hair with fingers, I get toooons out, it is quite a normal after preggors thing and has smth to do with hormones.

    Though I think you should talk to your doc, as bald patches is a bit too much ....

    How are your lovely girls doing?
  • i lost loads of hair after evie, its awful isnt it (women and hair) mine has just started to grow back, evie is 8m so have really short new hair where i had my little baldie bits, if ur really worried though hun go c doc, like u mine wasnt too noticeable (did end up doing a bit of faffing with hair to cover it though)
  • Thanks for replying girls,
    I am back on the same pill I was on before I fell pregnant so don't think it could be that, will check the leaflet anyway though thanks hun.

    I washed my hair earlier for the first time in nearly a week cos I'm so scared of it all comming out and there was loads comming out!! It blocked the plug hole and covered the bath!!

    Think I will keep an eye on the patches and if they get bigger or I get more then will def go to the docs. It just feels like i've been to the surgery every week since lo was born for one thing or another, I'm getting fed up with it now!!

    The girls are great thanks fooxoo! They play so well together it's lovely to see, Summer loves her big sis soooo much, she gets all the smiles and giggles! Hows Hugo doing? He's so cute in your pic!xxx
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