victoria theresa birth story :D

well it all started on the 9th was getting some twinges but fort it would just be false alarm like the other times so relaxed and didnt pay any attention step mum took me over speed bumps on way to shopping to ry bring on labour lol that night was sitting playing on the wii with oh and my little brother when i felt a wet patch in between my legs (tmi) anyways i goes and checks and its still trickaling out of me so i put pad on and went back down starirs when wosh !! my waters went.12.15am. Waiting for contractions nothing happened so i phone the delivery suite who then told me to not come in till i have contractions or if i dont have them by 8.30 am to phone back up which then ill have to go in to be examined to make sure they were my waters. so off to bed i went to try and get some sleep in just in case contactions started and nothing happened 8.30 am i rung delivery suite who then told me to come in. so off me and the oh went to the hospital were i had to be examined and my blood preasure was still high (the previous friday midwife had sent me to hospiutal coz i had really high blood presure) anyways the monitored baby who was as happy as can be sleeping lol and the lady asked if i was still leaking water which i replyed yes she decided then that there was no need to examine me as it was still coming out fast however now they had to decided wether to keep me in or not which they did as they wonted to monitor me coz of my blood preasure otherwise i would of had to go home and call back at 10pm to arragnge to go in and be in duced anyways so off to the ward i went were i had to stay till i go induced that night at 12. long old day that was all the ladies round me had there beautiful babies and theres me sitting there like a lemon waiting for a sign she was on here way nothing !!! i walked round the hospital about 4 times up and dopwn staris still no sign. oh and family had gone and got my stuff and was back at 7 pm they stayed till gone 8pm then i tryed to get some sleep before getting induced when a lady came round and said it wont be till 8 am the next morning grate!!! longer wait!!! anyways fast asleep when at 1am my contrations started yay!!!! i had gone into labour on my own about an hour later the contractions where hurting so much i never fort they would hurt so much i was examined and found out i was only 2 cm dilated 2cm what !!!! are you joking i didnt sleep a wink that night i tryed having a bath that didnt help i tryed walking about that didnt help in the end time had gone past so quick it was 5.45am and i couldnt bare the pain anymore i was crying so much and keeing the other ladies awake that the midwife came in and exmained me again which i found out i was 6 cm dilated and was then told i was getting moved onto the delivery ward so off i went phoneing the oh as i went got into the room and i started hyperventalating my god i fort i was going to die lmao my wonderful midwfie nicky helped me get in control of the pain and after that it didnt seem to hurt so much so there i am doing my breathing exercises nicky helping me through contartions and checking the baby was ok oh came through the door panting as he had to run to the hospital which is like 1 mile and half away lol when i felt the erge to push course i wasnt ready so had to try and stop my self when nicky offerd me the gas and air omg what a life saver that is lol i was so high off it in minutes that the pain had nearly all gone away anyways 7.10 am i started to push and she was born at 7.20 am oh had missed her coming out as he felt ill so when to toilet by time he got back it was all over lol after i had little one in my arms all the pain and everything around me just stopped i was so stunned by her it was such an amazing feeling.
she was then cleaned up and weighed and weighed in at 7lb 10z which is alot smaller than we all fort she would be as we fort 8lb by the size i was lol she is such a delicated little angel and through all my labour the only part that hurt was the contartions. i got through it just under 6 hours and had no stiches just 2 grazes which didnt bleed either so all togther i had such an easy labour for my first baby.i still cant believe shes here but its grate being a mum i love her to bits sorry its long ladies lol tahnks for taking the time to read

loren x x x


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