My son (18months) has a rash all over his front and back and my MIL thinks it looks like scarletina. Does anyone know what this is or if its bad or anything? I'm gonna take him to the docs in the morning. Also, will there be any risk to my youngest (19weeks) who still needs his 3rd Jabs? xx


  • have you looked it up on the net? ive heard of scarlet fever but not scarletina xxx
  • I think scarletina and scarlet fever are one in the same but dont quote me on that. Not sure of the risks but if you google it you will probably get some info...hope he gets better soon.
  • Your right they are one and the same scarlet fever was known as scarlatina it is very contagious for for between 2 - 7 days and is more common between the age of 4 - 8 years old but is rare in children under 2 due to the mothers antibodies. Mummyheather what did the gp say and is lo any better ? x
  • Turns out he has a viral infection thank god!Bless him. He's seeming better today! xx
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