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what is the 1 non-essential item u cannot live withut?

I cant live without my concealer. I need it for those mornings where I have been up half the night and have the BIGEST bags under my eyes! I dont know what i'd do without it!

How about you? What non-essential item cant u live without? xx


  • My Inhaler. I'm severly asthmatic, so if I didn't have it, I couldn't live without it!

    Family, Make-Up, Phone....

    I have too many!! image


  • my matchsticks to keep me awake no lol, hairband, awful nights sleep you get up to take child to school, brush n whack a hairband in lol
  • Garfield, your inhaler counts as essential!!

    my car, only thing that cheers me up after a bad day is a good drive.
  • ......................COFFEE(def a non essential!!)...........................or maybe ..................choccy(that too!!)..................hmmmmm cant wait changed my hairdryer(I am the frizz queen lol).................................oh hang on better still my lip gloss, yes definatly lip gloss cant go anywhere without it. yes thats it.
  • mascara my eyelashes are blonde if i don't wear it everyone says all day 'are you ok you look so tired' grrrr stupid blonde hair !!
  • Ooooh I NEED my GHDs,my hair is a frizz bomb without and I dont like leaving the house lol!!!
    My laptop(of course)and my phone....
  • estee lauder foundation, oh and be xx
  • Really really pathetically, my csi boxsets! I luuuuurve the hot men! Lol, maybe I shouldnt admit that! xxx
  • My old comfortable shoes...... cant be without them. LOL. Am also lost without my mobile (until it actually rings, then I hate the thing), and of course the laptop.
  • ghd's a must and clinique illuminator to perk my skin up even when feel terrible!!!
  • My V+ box!!! Im such a telly addict and i have to tape lots esp with lo. I used to have sky+ til i found out on V+ you can record two programs and watch a third!!!!!!!!!!
  • MKT86!!! loool at your box changes hahaha I am freeview image oh doesn't want a box ....

    My non essential essential thing is black tea with honey and milk ... mmmmmmmmmmm lifts my spirits!
  • wellll, considering my mobile is essential so hubby can contact me or i can ring out in an emergency, and my laptop is essential so that hubby doesnt always get the full force of my rants and still wants to be married to me ;\)
    I'd have to say the one non essential thing I can't do without is........, erm, my hairbrush i think....
    cant think of anything else that i couldnt do without if i really had to.....

  • defo straightners and dummies for lo they give me some much needed piece especially in middle of night when lo wakes as im not getting that much sleep with being 36+3 pregnant xxxxx
  • Rebecca I am with you on CSI!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
    Ok would be my GHD's and mascarra, otherwise I look a right mess! xxxx
  • Fake Bake! Sooooo pale and pasty without regular applications and love it cos I just look healthy rather than tango'ed!
  • Oh (after a worringly long discussion involving air and glasses-my oh is soooooooo weird!) says cake of any type, size or filling!
    Me I think I'm with MKT86 I love me telly way too much. Didn't know V+ was so good-might have to look at that! x
  • Mum to 1 you get 80 hours of recodring time too plus the on demand is fantastic. I never thought i could live without sky but v+ is amazing.
  • my phone and laptop

    my mobile stopped working last night i was on the phone to tech suport at 3.30 this morning getting it fixed.
    when ever my laptop breaks i order the part needed on a new laptop the same day.
  • oh my goodness will REALLY have to have a look. Is it cheaper than Sky?
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