im gilty

im gilty of it all im sorry


  • Theres a big suprise!
  • Knew you were. In my opinion this place 'its not real', it's not real life so if I was thought of as you are/were I wouldn't be bothered and I'd just get on.... for you to come back and want to clear your name and defend yourself makes you stand out even more

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  • ok if you look that is not becki, becki is becki+anne+ryan not Becki+ann+ryan
  • Sorry to butt in here, I haven't been on baby for a while but something doesnt add up her, maybe I am wrong (I often am :lol: ) but if you are becki+Anne+Ryan then why have you logged in wiht the name of Anne spelt differently and as a newbie with only 1 post? If you are who you say you are then why have you obviously set up a new account.

    Can all the crap be put behind us and us ladies (and we are ladies not children) just ignore the posts that are obviously put on her to cause trouble and make the forums not a very nice place to be?

    That is all I will say on the mater. xx
  • Someone is obviously trying to set her up and this is getting a bit beyond a joke.
  • i'm sorry but it looks like someone is trying to set her up for all of this!
  • Ok i havent replied to any of this as im not really involved, but Katie is a good friend and i dont think it was very nice what happened the other night!

    Its getting pathetic that you keep making people up, did you not think we'd notice that the new bekki profile is a newbie with 1 post? SAD WEE GIRL YOU ARE! AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

    I stick with what Katie says, she knows for sure that it is you and to come on here to defend yourself 2 nights later is just sad!!
    You have kids and you should be acting like a grow up!!

    All in good time there will be proof and you better not show your face on here again!!!

  • i only know vaguely what has been going on but something doesn't sound right. it maybe she is been set
  • singlemum is right! its not becki! god im so confused now! xxx
  • It's the same person, same spelling mistakes
  • Maybe its someone that doesnt know her but knows she comes on here? I remember once on here someones ex boyfiend was coming on being nasty about making comments but they did use the girlfriends account and was rude to people to make them think it was her?

  • if its not her why use a dif account?

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  • whoever it is, is obviously covering up, and maybe becki is covering up her cover up if you get me, shes obviously not silly and katie and a few others are positive, and they have their reasons I assure you, if im wrong, im wrong but Katie WOULD NOT blame without reason, seriously Becki its soo easy to read you, your so predictible, just say its you and let bygones be bygones if it is you, as what was said was out of order, but why make it out to be someone as nice as Jenny???
  • OH NO!! this is really horrid and sooooo confusing ,this is either some idiotic fecking sad wan**r trying to set becki-anne&ryan up or........if it is becki-anneandryan then its a cover up , ok so we could not bother replying at all to either of them however thats unfair if it isnt becki....actually this is weird whoever it is is watching all the time cos nothing has happened yesterday and no posts then becki u came on today trying to defend ureself and this happens???!!!..........ok well it doesnt take much to confuse me at the moment anyway does anyone else get it or should i not bother trying?!!!.........
  • becki/singlemum i just saw that before u modified it....come clean NOW!!!!!!!
  • Ok if it was me for gods sake why would i use another account? why would i not just use this one?
  • oh babe, you just put your foot in it there, god i totally thought it wasn't you but you forgot to change your username in the previous post!

    It originally said it wasn't me why would i not just use this username!

    oh dear......
  • What did they say? xx
  • singlemum and this new becki person are def the same people, singlemum just edited her last post coz she realised she slipped up
    and notice the date she joined was right when all the arguments were happening last time and she's made very few posts
  • I saw it too! You're obviously the same person.
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