mamas and papas ultima..

i've been using this as a traditional pram so far, but i think bambino is ready for the next stage. Does anyone know where i find the cover for the pushchair section? Does the hood of the carry cot detach?
Can't find instruction booklet, think hubby's chucked it out!!!


  • Hiya

    Iv got this and yes you have to take the hood off the carry cot and attach it to the pushchair bit. Its a bit annoying if you want to keep changing between the two! I used to have the pram in the house and keep the pushchair in the car and just take the wheels in and out but I kept forgetting about the hood and I have long nails so I found it really akward pressing the buttons on the pram to release the hood!

  • Hi ladies. Does anyone have the sunshade for the ultima? I have the one that you can bend each end down, if that makes sense? And its rubbish. the material is so tight it doesnt bend properly. Its the universal one but im sure its least made for the ultima really. So am i missing something. Or do ou have the umbrella thing, is it anygood as im going to buy one this weekend if its worth it.
    And while we are on the subject, how do you get your changing bags to stay in place over the handles? Mine keep sliping down adn have scratched off the silver paint from the bars.
  • I bought a parasol in Boots a few days ago as it was only ??9.99 mine is in city scape and I got a black parasol so it matches perfectley. The proper one was ??24.99 in M&P

    Im really impressed with it! it fixes to the bar really well and bends to where ever the sun is. I would have a look in Boots, they had different colours.

    My change bag stays in place over the handle bars I just make sure that the strap is at its shortest. When I left them long the wheels caught the bottom of the bag and rubbed a hole in it!

  • Hi everyone,

    We just went and brought the MandP parasol and i think its really rubbish i am using the pram at the moment and the parasol just doesn't seem to work with it (i think we must b missing something tho, So i am going to pop into MandP's tomorrow and see if in fact i am stupid or its just rubbish (i'll let you know) lol

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