Is my hv telling porkies??!!??


My hv has said that now Oscar's over 6 weeks I can start giving him baby fruit juices in his water??!!?? I hasten to add that she said just the tiniest amount so the water has only a hint of colour, but all the bottles I see say 4 months + on them. I'm for the idea of introducing him to new tastes as he's ff so isn't getting varying tastes through breastmilk, but wanted to see if anyone else has been told this or does this anyway before I go ahead. Or should I just accept that my hv is really bizarre and leave his water alone :lol:


  • The only reason I have heard of for adding a little juice is if they are constipated. Otherwise, I would definitely wait until he is a little older, seems very young to start introducing juice?
  • I would just stick with water if he even really needs this?? I didn't even introduce water till a LOT later when it was apparent that he didn't really need a feed so the water just put him off. At 6 weeks I can't see why he would need water rather than just formula?

    Even so definitley wouldn't introduce juice till much later as it just encourages them to want sweet tastes! Just my opinion!
  • I personally wouldn't! Surely it could get him used to having a sweet taste instead of water!! Then, you'd have trouble getting him o have plain water at a later time. I know she said only a tiny bit, ut putting juices into bottles, as they're sugary can effect a babies teeth through thier gums.

    I'm really surprised that she suggested this and, I would just stick to giving him little tastes of water - he may not think much of it now but needs to get used to the taste - babies can taste something about 15 times before they like it! My lo now loves drinking water out of a beaker though tends to spit half out - I allow it (shes 5 months) as I think it's good to get her used to water. (She is bf and rarely accepts milk from a bottle.)
  • i really think you will be setting yourself up for problems if you add juice! if he is taking water why would you need to add anything, they usually only say that if they hate the taste of water just to tempt them, i think he will start to want sweet things if it is introduced at such a young age, Ellis started drinking water when i started to wean him at around 5 months, he never wanted it before that, but when he was weaning he took it really well and loves it now, he's 1 next week!
    I wouldn't pay any attention to her myself!

  • No way. Unless they're a bit constipated there's NO need to give juice or even water as it can reduce their milk intake! xx
  • i would just stick to watter,
  • Hi, if you are bf your baby shouldn't even need water unless it's the summer and very hot or they are on solids. My little girl is 21 months old and I have neve given her juice in her water as it''s bad for their teeth, she either has milk or water and I'm ot planning on giving her juice until she's alot older. Introducing juice at such a young age will just give your baby a sweet tooth. Also the taste of your milk will change depending on what you eat this is the reason that bf babies tend to be less fussy eaters.
  • I think 6 weeks is far too young!! I'd try and stick to just water for a few more weeks if I was you!

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