14 month old routine?

my son has always had a am nap and pm nap and suddenly he seems to drop the am nap. but he is to tired to eat lunch so i try to just give him finger foods then we go out for a long walk.
the trouble is i feel rushed into giving him his lunch as he to tired otherwise,but cant feed him when he wakes at 230-330 ish,due to dinner being effected.
also fingerr foods he eats but plays with and if in highcahir eats very slowly or not at all so i have taken to just handing to him as he plays, is that bad?

he has cereal or toast for breakfast followed by bottle.
cheese, raisins rivitas-he loves! with humous and fruit at lunch
bottle at 1pm ish
light snacks around 3-fruit, crackers ect.
dinner at 530-what we are having. does this sound ok for a 14 month old. he laso has water in his cup.


  • just giving u my lo's routine as he also naps early pm.
    7am breakfast and cup of milk
    9am snack
    11:15am lunch
    11:45 - 1:30 sleep
    2pm snack and cup of milk
    tea at 4:15pm
    yours sound pretty similar to my lo's but mines just a little earlier as its his routine at nursery
    My lo is also 14months and is starting to fuss a little with his food, maybe give him a few days and see how he is or maybe try his lunch earlier?
  • trouble is the doesnt seem hungry before 12, breakfast is 8am, and so whne he wakes up he usually ends up snacking a bit then dinner at 5 ish.
  • mrsamanda this is the same fo me! i try to give him something before he naps around 12 or 1.
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