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i'm going away by air for a few weeks with my lo and have a few questions for any of you that may have done it already.

i have ordered some cartons of pre-made milk from boots airside - but how do i open it if i can't take scissors with me?

i'm planning to take my bugaboo in the proper travel bag (we are going to the mountains so it makes more sense than buying a cheap buggy) - how do i insure it?

thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    Most of the pre-made milk cartons can be ripped open if you are careful, failing that you may be able to buy some scissors from the boots you get the milk from once you are through security.

    Check with your travel insurance about whether the bugaboo would be covered on that. We recently came back from the UK (we live in Norway) with a brand new double buggy and they managed to put small rip in the fabric. Thankfully it doesn't show but I was fuming as it is very thick fabric so it must have been difficult to do! We were told when we complained at the airport that most airlines won't give compensation for pushchairs that are damaged and that it is better to try and claim through your insurance company.

    How old will your lo be when you fly?

    Other advice we have done as we have flown quite a lot with lo is to give your lo a bottle on take off and landing as it helps make their ears pop. If they are weaned take plenty of snacks for them to munch on during the flight. If they use a dummy make sure you have a dummy tie on it so you don't end up rummaging around under the seats searching for the dropped dummy lol!

    Have a good trip! xx
  • Thanks Liz

    I didn't think about buying scissors in the boots too (amybe nail scissors?)!!! Doh!

    My lo will be 11 weeks. I have contacted my house insurance company and it's a bit unclear as to whether it will be covered if damaged on the aircraft. All travel insurance policies I can find have limits of ??300 per item. My husband isn't happy with me taking it in the first place so I can do without the additional grief of it getting damaged and a protracted battle to get it repaired / replaced.
  • Hiya,

    I travel a lot by air with my lo and have only recently started taking my bugaboo as like you I didnt want it damaged. Are you traveling alone? It is a lot of hassle getting the buggy down and in the bag airside so what I personally would suggest is buy a sling and check the buggy in when you check your cases in. The bag is soooo good at protecting it I really dont think it will come to any harm, mine never has anyway.
    Regarding milk, the easiest thing I found was to take milk in my powder dispenser with plain water in the bottle, that way you only have to taste the water. If your lo has a warm bottle just add a couple of oz's boiling water.
    Good luck with it all and hope you have a fab holiday.
  • Hi Amy

    Thanks. No I am travelling alone so was planning to take my sling and check in the Bugaboo when I check in my case. I can hardly see anything when I have the sling on let alone folding down the pram!

    It's good to know that you haven't had a problem with travelling. I travel a lot too (and will with just lo in future as my folks live abroad and my husband travels a lot) and am sure that it is not that hard - it's just like everything with a baby - everything seems like a military operation the first time!

    Can I ask, is your Bugaboo covered on your house insurance?

    Thanks again.
  • I think as long as your bugaboo is bundled up in a case you will br fine, there is also room to get a few extra bits in the bag which is always a good thing!

    I travel on my own with my lo a lot and you do get used to it but its deffo a military operation! its worse now she wants to walk and wont sit still in the plane!

    Im pretty sure our bugaboo is covered by our house insurance and is listed on it but don't quote me on that.

    Good luck with it all and let me know how it goes. xxx
  • Hello again. I called the house insurance co again and the man I spoke to and his 2 supervisors weren't sure whether the pram was covered or not! They have referred it to the underwriters to find out definitively. What a pullaver!

    Yes, I am aware that I should make the most of a baby that cannot wriggle too much! I know he will be a toddler soon and that will be a whole new ball game!!
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