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Baby's dry skin

My baby is now 6 weeks old and has developed a rash/very dry skin on his face. It is red and blotchy. I don't know what to do for the best-whether to put on baby oil, cream or just leave it in case his skin is too sensitive. When out and about yesterday a women came up and said 'oh isn't it a shame when they get a rash like that' like i wasnt looking after him properly. She really peed me off. Has anybody's baby had the same sort of thing and what did they do?


  • Sorry cant say i have but you can even try aqeous cream (probably spelt wrong!) But because its water based its very good for baby skin and its very cheap! or if you think it is a rash and may have had a reaction to something then id keep an eye on anything that comes in contact with babys face and if still worried speak to HV
  • My lo had something similar but hv suggested it was baby eczema (which gp confirmed). I tried aqueous cream, E45, Sudocrem (which I was later told makes it worse by drying the skin out which I found difficult to get my head round as Sudocrem is supposed to be a cream you can use for eczema!!). In the end gp prescribed hydrocortisone cream 1% which worked for a while, but when I had a day off from using it, it would flair up again. I came across Oilatum Junior cream in Boots, which their pharmacist recommended I try (as LO was already using Oilatum bath emollient). After a couple of days his skin was sooooooo smooth and not red and sore looking. I tend to put Oilatum Junior on his face every day after washing him, and so far, it's been brilliant. Be warned, it's not cheap (about ??7 for a big pump bottle) but you can get it on prescription if your gp will prescribe it....after using it on George, i went to gp and told him if i could have it on prescription and he was okay with it. Would recommend definitely!!!:\)
  • Forgot to mention that it was when George was 6 wks that hv suggested it was baby eczema, and that Oilatum/Junior is designed for people/babies with dry skin/eczema :\)
  • Thanks for that reply. I'll try and get hold of what you recommended from boots-i feel awful that his face is so rough and sore looking-even though it doesnt seem to be bothering him!
  • George was the same, it didn't seem to bother him at all, but me, I was like, OMG, people are going to think i'm not looking after him right!!! :lol:
  • That's helped me too. Gracie's had baby acne which has now turned dry and flaky. Paed said to use emollient which dried it out and it looks better than the angry red rash but now I want to get rid of the red flaky skin! Will try the oilatum cream, thanks!
  • Cole got a bit of dry skin on his head and hv said to put olive oil on it. It was only a little patch and it cleared up anyway so dunno how well olive oil works
  • nonono with baby oil etc they still contain ingredients which could be detramental to babys sensitive skin. My son was exactly the same, the only advise i can give is to stop bathing everyday as this dries the skin out, invest in oilatum which you can get baby bath and the cream, has no extra ingredients and so very gentle for babys skin. If it doesnt calm down using this for about 2 weeks then I'd go to the doctor as little one may have eczema xx

  • my baby 1year old she got allergic around her neck.when i used oilatum bar 2 or4 times  my baby is ok.ty

  • I have a baby and she had tha same dry skin problem as you baby. I am using organinc baby product that made by using natural herbs so it is good to use for sensitive skin type. It is really works good and also not harmful for baby skin.

  • My son, who is now 27 months, had really bad dry skin and eczema since he was born. We tried everything but nothing helped for very long, short term fixes at best. Then I looked things up for myself on the internet and one article caught my attention. It was about a long term sufferer and how she finally managed her skin condition, not cured, but managed. All she did was cut out all creams, soaps etc. She used baby shampoo only for her hair and within a couple of weeks her skin was the best it's ever been. I've done the same with my son and his skin is so much better, the very odd flare up, but we've not been at the docs or needed a prescription for his skin in about 6 months. Simply use pure water x

  • hello friends , best for dry skin babies is green gram paste .just take handful of green gram soak it in water keep over night and make a paste in morning , use natural coconut oil on baby's body and face and keep him for 5 to 10 mins unless skin absorb the oil and after that wash him with this green gram paste it will remove all oil from skin and skin turns smooth and gets natural shine .  As per ayurveda while applying oil on body and face never apply oil on hair on the same time . just apply only a second before bath . for baby hair care use mild baby shampoo .

  • another trick for dry skin besides lotions and baby oils can be a humidifier. my son has bad excema and my doctor suggested one.

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