Smoked fish?

I make a fab fish pie (if I do say so myself)! image

I always freeze Charlotte some portions. I normally just use cod & salmon. Next time I want to add smoked haddock. I am planning on using the undyed haddock so it doesn't contain the horrible dye & chemicals.

Has anyone tried their lo on smoked fish? Am also thinking of doing kedgeree for us & her with mil's recipe as it's yummy as this got smoked fish in too. Charlotte also loves spicy food (normally curries & chilli con carne).


  • It should be fine if it's cooked and not like raw smoked salmon (mmmm). I love fish pie but haven't made it for ages! Usually use just salmon! xx
  • Hi,
    We had fish pie I knocked up last night from the Jamie Oliver book tonight and that has smoked haddock, salmon and prawns in and Alf loves it. Have to say it was even better tonight really lemony and fresh. I say go for it!
  • Hi

    We gave Emilia smoked fish from about 7 months in fish pie and smoked haddock chowder she loved it and still does
  • unfortunately i know nothing about cooking so i cant make yummy things like that but im pretty sure it will be fine! :\)
  • Thanks xx
    She loves the fish pie I make so hopefully the smoked fish will make it tastier.
    Definately wont be putting prawns in....I DETEST THEM!! urggh!
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