poo question lol :lol:

hey ladies well Esmae is 3 weeks 2 days and when she poos normally 1 or 2 a day its seems quiet soild she is FF and takes 3-4oz every 3-4 hours i tired her with wate rbut she spits it back at me lol.

is it normal tobe soild she takes a while to poo andf its green/yellow again normal??

any help would be great thanks


  • Ok, forgive the description. James's were quite sloppy at that age. The colour is fine anything yellowy to green. It's quite early to try with water, but I'd persevere. Sounds like she might be prone to constipation. xx
  • I agree with mithical that it might be a bit of consitpation - as she's FF you could sneak the extra water into her normal bottle perhaps? My HV sugegsted this to me but my lo takes water ok (not that I've needed to give it often, just on hot days rather than for constipation).

    My lo has always been on aptimil (now 16 weeks) and her poo is like a yellowy sloppy poo - I call it curry sauce poo lol.

  • Apple Pie I'm quite surprised your HV suggested watering down the formula. I was always led to believe if you don't have the right amount of formula, or water it can cause tummy upset. xx
  • Hiya, We found that Lo got constipated in the early days. We were on SMA which is known to cause this - not sure which formula you are on - but may be worth switching to Aptimal or Cow and gate if on SMA ? HTH S XX
  • You could always try the 'comfort' type of formula too. It's easier to digest for babies with colic or consitpation. All the brands have a version. Some babies are just more prone to constipation than others. X
  • Oh right mithical - she did suggest it so I don't know then - may have to google that then for the future to make my own mind up!!

    Ignore that suggestion MJ just incase, or google first to read up on it to be sure it's ok xx
  • applepie - my HV told us to do that too, when DD woldn't take water so we added half an oz extra of water to half her feeds when she got a bit constipated and it worked a treat, just softened up her poo a little. Our GP also said it would be ok, so maybe if a health professional is recommending it to medical reasons it is not so bad?
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