Phil & Teds questions - HELP PLS!!!

I know Phil & Teds has been done to death almost but I just can't get my head around a few things!! I'm due in 4 weeks and Rhianna will be 23 months when this one pops out. We don't know 100% what we are having, we are assuming it's a girl but the sonographer couldn't be totally sure because baby had it's leg crossed and refused to move......however we saw a fab deal on Kiddicare for a Phil and Teds with doubles kit and cocoon in PINK CAMO for ??299 delivered, so we bought it and have left it packaged up in the dining room til we know for sure!
Now we've decided to look for a car seat and adapter for it, I've seen a Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix on Ebay brand new being sold near to us - now I know I need to get the right adapter for it but I'm wondering how it works with the double seat and raincover - would Rhianna (toddler) sit in the doubles seat underneath the main seat? And would the doubles raincover cover the car seat too - and if not what do you get?
If anyone can help that would be fantastic! Thanks!!! xxx

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  • Basically the car seat adaptor fits on the front of the pushchair, instead of the padded bar and the seat clicks on top. You do need to recline the main seat slightly (just by undoing the zips) to get the car seat to fit. If you read the manula it tells you not to use the doubles seat with the car seat, but we did it all the time with no problems. Depending on how heavy Rhianna is you may find the pushchair is bottom heavy and tries to tip backwards but we didn't have a problem. I don't think the rain cover fits over it. I had a seperate rain cover for the car seat and as I only used the pushchair like that if I was nipping in somewhere quick I just used to put Millie's hood up.
  • Thanks Bedhead!
    Rhianna is only a tiddler for 22 months, around 26/27lbs I think, so we should be fine in that respect.....just need to decide now if it's worth it or whether we'll just pop diddy one into cocoon and underneath!?!?!? Oh the confusion!!! Thanks again xx
  • Just wanted to post to keep this bumped!

    Like you, Sezbo, I'm wondering whether it's worth getting the adaptor for our MaxiCosi carseat or whether it'll just be less hassle to pop the new baby into the underneath bit, in a coccoon or maybe even just wrapped in a blanket (the coccoon seems so expensive and people say baby doesn't fit in it for long). I'm leaning towards not bothering with the car seat but it's always good to hear opinions, so keep them coming if there are any more!
  • Hi PTB,
    It is hard to decide what to do for the best! The deal we got included the cocoon, I'm not sure I would have bothered getting it seperately if it hadn't - or might have looked for a second hand one on Ebay. We got rid of everything from having Rhi (this one was a MASSIVE surprise) so we've needed to get almost everything again. If we don't get a car seat to use with P&T's we'll just get a normal mid-range one and not bother with using the P&T's as a travel system.
    Have you bought a P&T's yet or are you still looking? xx
  • PTB
    I've got a cocoon and wouldnt live without it now! BUT Lily fay is only 10 weeks tomorrow and already its getting a bit snug so she'll be long out of it by the time your bubba comes along so your welcome to have it if you like??
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