Hi Can anyone recomened a good highchair I'm looking for value for money. Some of them seem to have designer price tags!!! Which I'm to much of a bargin lover for them - lol Also do you know how long babys normally use highchairs for??

Thanks x


  • Hi,
    We followed advice on here and went for the Ikea high chair which in all was ??15 including the blow up cushion and table. It's really easy to put together and take apart, easy to wash down. Only thing as our lo has been sitting in it since he was 5 months old there isn't a head pillow so he does bang his head occassionally. Lo 6 months now and in the full swing of weaning and it works well for us. Mind you Bedhead did reccommend another slightly more expensive one which looked ace too so I might be upgrading and the Ikea one can live and Grandma's and Grandad's! Hope that helps x
  • Well after a recommendation on here, i went and bought the ikea one for....wait for it.....


    And its FAB!

    It has no plush cushions or padding and is completely plastic but Ruby LOVES it! She has been in it for about 4 weeks now and is 5 months old.
    Here is the original post:

    Hey i have two!
    Our main one is a Disney one (can't think the actual make as its not Hauk - the usual disney supplier) which is fine. Its gota toy on the top and its pretty etc,etc... but i got a spare one not long ago from Ikea for.... wait for it....

    a TENNER. And its the best thing i've bought in a long time. It doesn't have a tray on the front so baby can sit right up the the table - even with our stupid table with the stretcher underneath the tabletop. Its just plastic so its completely wipe clean with no places for trapped food, its got a safety bar across baby's lap and between the legs but also has a harness aswell. The legs are metal and just clip in and out.
    Wouldn't recommmend it until baby is happy to sit up completely for a good length of time but is still fantastic.

    and this:

    I would second the Ikea recommendation - my son is too young for it at just 2 and a half months but my sister's LO uses it when they come to dinner and my sister reckons it's much better than the standard style of highchair that she has as she says her LO's posture is much better in it which makes her more focussed on dinner too.
    As has been said - just a tenner - and you can buy a tray that clips on for ... wait for it ??3!!! Again as said you can unclip tray and push them right up to the table. YOu can also get a little inflatable backrest for when they are a bit small for ??2 - grand total for the full kit is just ??15
    My sister is tempted to give her one to my mum to use as a spare round at her house and then replace her more expensive one with the Ikea one.
    (The Bloom does look fab and if I could justify it then I might splash out but reduced pay during maternity leave and hubby's new business in early stages means that we can't justify)

    and this:

    BTW if you look at flickr.com and search ikea highchair you will see lots of pics of ordinary people's kids sitting in them - gives you a more realistic idea of what they're like than looking at advert pics - I do this with lots of products - i did it when we chose our pram too!

    Hope that helps!

  • We have a Koochi one and it's not that good. Gabe sits well (not on the floor though - too lazy) but he slips down in it. My mil uses it for the LO she childminds as well (she's 13 months) and she slips in it as well!
    You know the Ikea highchairs, are they like the ones you get in restaurants etc? Gabe likes them!
  • I think it depends a bit on how you see the good value bit. I agree that the Ikea one is fabulous for the price, they've now brought out an inflaitable cushion for it as well to make it better for little babies. However they aren't suitable for lo's much older than two as they are too small, at that age they are a bit small to manage on a 'grown up' seat so you might end up having to buy a booster seat.

    We've just bought our two a Stokke Trip Trap each. They were expensive, about ??150 each, but they are suitable right up to adulthood. We would have needed two new kitchen chairs at some point so we have bought the highchairs with the intention of using them as spare kitchen chairs later. They are fantastic highchairs, Millie tells me every meal time how much she likes hers and Barney is happy to sit in it for ages helping me cook etc so I'm guessing they must be pretty comfy.
  • Bedhead- I've been looking at the Tripp Trapp online, I really like the look of it but I'm still undecided as to whether we can justify that amount of money! Did you get the cushions and the harness for Barney? And what age do you reckon it would be suitable from- Beth is 5 months and can't sit unaided yet so wasn't sure if she could use it yet?
  • Hey Poz

    Brodie has the tripp trapp and as you know he and Beth are the same age - he has used it - but i think he is a bit too small for it - i haven't got the harness yet - so think i would feel better when we have that - we have got the baby set and cushions tho. Brodie seems to love it ! At the moment i tend to feed him in his bumbo, on me knee or in his swing.

    Brodie can't sit unaided either and sometimes falls forward a wee bit but hopefully that will be rectified with the harness - i'd say it will be brilliant from about 6 months

    Here is a pic of Brodie in his



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  • Poz, I think the Stokke chairs are brilliant. For us they didn't work out as expensive as our kitchen chairs were ??100 each and long term we would have needed to buy 2 more of those, now we can just us the Stokke's as spare seats.
    We got the baby set and cushions for Barney's chair, although the place we bought from recomends NOT using the seat cushion (just the back one) untill they can climb in unaided as it is much easier to get them in the chair without it and if they are wearing a nappy their bottoms are padded anyway! We did buy the Stokke harness as well as it fastens onto the chair really neatly, wasn't sure if another harness would work without adding extra hooks to the chair and I didn't wasnt to take a drill to it :lol:
    TBH I think Beth might still be a little bit young for it, Barney is 6 months but he is already sitting by himself, there isn't that much support for them if they can't sit, although I think once she was sitting well with just a little support it would be ok. Barney looks a little bit like he is perched on the seat but apparantly they are supposed to look like that when they are tiny as they should have a gap between the end of the seat and their knees. He certainly seems comfy, he was in it for an hour the other day, helping me cook and then eating his tea. We got ours from www.backinaction.co.uk and they were brilliant, very good prices and excellent customer service.
    hth xx

    This is Millie and Barney helping with the cooking

    and Barney

  • Thanks for the info bedhead - my brother and SIL bought Brodie's as a present and i didnt know u weren't supposed to use the seat cushion - makes sense tho - I was struggling to get Brodie in and out but that should give us more room. I also thought the seat part should have been right forward - duh - as u will see in Brodie's pic his legs are dangling a bit !!!! I moved the seat back the other day - so its like Barney's and it is so much easier to get him in.

    Brodie can sit well with a little support but not unaided yet - will wait until we get the harness and try again and if i still don't feel its right i will wait until he is sitting unaided

    Leah x

    PS I want a blue one or a red or green !!! - As i said tho it was a prezzie so i can't be fussy
  • We have a Tripp Trapp too - wasn't sure at first but I love it now, Neve really feels part of mealtimes as she is properly at the table with us.
  • Zacky has the Chicco happy snack as well. Got it from Argos forget how much it was. Havent used it that much if im honest. Zacky loves to sit in it but is not keen on eating in it. He prefers to sit either on my knee or in the corner of the sofa to eat at moment. He is 29 weeks though so older than some of the children mentioned.
  • We've got the mothercare versoin of the chicco happy snack - I liked the pattern more! It cost ??39 in the sale and is great.
  • Thanks for the reply Bedhead, I love the pictures! I think we will probably go for it, we have some xmas money that we need to spend on something!
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