Teething hell - help!

My lovely baby has been suffering with his teeth for weeks now, and I am at a loss as to how to help him! We have tried Bonjela, Dentinox teething gel, Boots own gel, Ashton and Parsons, Boots own powder, and Calpol and Nurofen but none of them seem to give that much relief. Is there anything else you can recommend?

Also, the two teeth he has been cutting are just out of the gum now but not proper teeth yet - any idea how long it will be before he gets some relief?
Thanks xx


  • I found with Isaac that hey normally are worse before they cut. once they're coming up they get better. Fingers crossed he will settle in next few days. It is horrible seeing them in pain.

    1 thing I use is anbesol liquid. Amazing stuff. Have used it on Oscar as his 1st tooth is cutting too.

    Good luck xxx
  • I am having the same problem, I have tried all the teething gels, calpol, powder, ambisol liquid and nothing works for her. I am just hoping something cuts soon.
  • Lily was and still is worse before they cut and she never gets just one tooth at a time, she gets a few. Last week she had 3 more come thru and she was o unhappy! It should settle soon...perhaps ask your HV as I used everything you already mentioned you'd tried. x
  • Jack is best with Calgel. He only really had trouble with the first but second seemed to pop through without any drama. Used Calpol too the night before it popped through! Good luck!

    I found the calgel worked much better than the dentinox and only got it because the dentinox I was using had been recalled. He also hated Bonjela but dont blame him cos it tastes awul now it's sugar free
    K x
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